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Policy on Anti-Semitism in Europe

The Jewish Delegate Assembly of Greater Pittsburgh is greatly concerned by the spate of anti-Semitic incidents, including terror attacks, riots, violent assaults and the desecration of synagogues and other holy sites that have occurred in in Europe in the last year. The CRC recognizes the EU and the State Department’s definition of Modern anti-Semitism.* The…

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Policy on Genetic Testing and the Jewish Community

Research shows that a quarter of the Jewish population carries at least one of the many preventable Ashkenazi Jewish genetic diseases (AJGD) – and the list is growing rapidly. The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) is the original funder and provider of community education about AJGD and supporter of appropriate pre-conception screening opportunities in Pittsburgh. The…

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We Do So Much, So Well

A quick story about something that happened to me this week… My daughter is participating in a teen trip to Israel this summer.  I called the office of the organization running the trip to let them know that our Federation subsidizes every teen going on a teen trip to Israel (when you have attended a…

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