Aspiring to provide the best programming and engagement possible the people of Pittsburgh and Karmiel/Misgav.

Programming & Engagement Inspired by

Our Guiding Prinicipals

Vision Statement

Strong, Vibrant, and Connected Jewish Communities with Israel at their Hearts.

Mission Statement

To broaden Jewish identity in our Partnership communities through Kesher (people to people relationships) and to provide a sense of home away from home.


Love for Israel
Jewish Peoplehood
Tikkun Olam
ערבות הדדית (mutual responsibility)

A Living Bridge Between Pittsburgh & Karmiel / Misgav

Partnership2Gether Programs

  • JCC Staff in Training (SIT) Program
    Leadership development component that connects SITs at the Jewish Community Center's EKC with teen counterparts in Karmiel and Misgav.
  • Summer Shlichim
    Karmiel and Misgav young adults volunteer as counselors at J&R camp, the South Hills JCC summer day camp, and Emma Kaufman Camp.
  • Diller Teen Fellows
    Intensive leadership training program for teens encompassing a complete exchange, whereby Karmiel/Misgav Diller teen counterparts come to Pittsburgh for ten days and Pittsburgh teens go to Israel for three weeks, one of which is in Karmiel/Misgav with their Israeli Diller Teen counterparts. The trip to Israel includes a gathering of nearly 600 teens from all 32 Diller communities worldwide. A partnership of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, the Diller Teen Fellows program is funded by the Helen Diller Family Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.
  • Waldman International Arts and Writing Competition
    In partnership with the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, Israeli students from Karmiel/Misgav submit entries to the Center's annual Waldman International Arts and Writing competition. The first and second place Israeli winners come to Pittsburgh to further Holocaust and Israel education by visiting area schools and interacting with local Jewish and non-Jewish teens.
  • Israeli Youth at EKC
    This program brings Israeli 9th graders from Karmiel and Misgav to Emma Kaufman Camp for three weeks to enjoy an American Jewish overnight camp experience and further Jewish peoplehood through the relationships they develop with their American Jewish camp bunkmates and host families.
  • Community Day School
    Every spring the 8th grade class of Community Day School goes to Israel as a culmination of their educational experience, and part of their time in Israel is spent with teen counterparts in Karmiel/Misgav.
  • Zine
    Teens from Pittsburgh and Karmiel/Misgav will create a virtual magazine, through JLine at the JCC.
  • Pittsburgh Partnership Ambassadors
    Two graduating high school seniors from Pittsburgh will spend 6 months at the Kol Ami gap year program in Karmiel, followed by 3 months volunteering at the JCC in Pittsburgh.
  • Face2Face
    A platform that brings together affinity groups for brainstorming and planning new Partnership projects.
  • Hosting Delegations
    Each year a number of guests from Pittsburgh visit Karmiel/Misgav, whether through synagogue missions, Federation missions, teen groups, Federation donors, and other special guests. The Partnership budget funds these visits which are arranged by our Gesher Chai, or living bridge, coordinator, Aya Ovadia, who works for the P2G office in Karmiel/Misgav, and Marcie Lang, our Jewish Federation representative in Israel. Last year nearly 300 people from Pittsburgh visited Karmiel/Misgav.
  • Braude College Internship
    Funds one of three students from the Braude Academic college in Karmiel for a five-month research internship at the Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh.
  • G2: Intergenerational Global Initiative
    G2 provides a platform for a grandparent to engage with their pre-teen grandchild (5th-6th grade) as a “zug” (pair) to explore, share, and experience the pre-teens’ relationship to their family, local community, Israel, and the Jewish people. Additionally, it will provide grandparents with a platform to share their own Jewish experiences and values, thereby passing down their Jewish legacy to their grandchildren and becoming change agents on a local and global level. This initiative will include online mifgashim (encounters) between two cohorts of grandparents and grandchildren in Pittsburgh and Karmiel/Misgav, and will culminate in a trip to Israel including time with the Israeli cohort in Karmiel/Misgav.
  • Steering Committee
    The Partnership2Gether Joint Steering Committee meets twice annually; and about every other year one of these meetings takes place in Pittsburgh. In 2018-19, the Joint Steering Committee, comprised of lay leaders from Pittsburgh and Karmiel/Misgav, will meet in Pittsburgh the week of December 3 for strategic planning discussions.
  • Youth Workers' Face2Face
    A professional encounter for relationship building, brainstorming, and strategic thinking among teen and youth workers in Pittsburgh, Karmiel, and Misgav, in partnership with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh.
  • Volunteer Mission
    Adult volunteers spend a week in Karmiel/Misgav doing a diverse range of volunteer opportunities throughout Karmiel and Misgav.
  • YAD2Gether
    Young adult volunteers from Karmiel/Misgav will meet periodically, engage with each other, and continue leadership development activities within the framework of Partnership2Gether..
  • Around the Campfire
    Khan B'Galil – Construction of facilities at Kibbutz Eshbal that will increase their capacity to host youth and young adult delegations and tour groups in an educational overnight campground setting.
  • Archaeological Garden
    Celebrates the culture of the grain, vine, and olive grove in the Galilee. The garden will provide insight into the development and history of the region's archaeological culture. Through various exhibits, students, visitors and academic faculty will experience the way of life in the ancient Land of Israel, learn about the history of the Galilee region, and have the opportunity to conduct research projects.


Debbie Resnick

Partnership2Gether Co-Chair

Joshua Resnick

Partnership2Gether Co-Chair
The Partnership2Gether Joint Steering Committee consists of

Volunteers and Lay Leaders from Pittsburgh & Karmiel/Misgav

Budget & Allocations

Making decisions on programs and helping build budgets for specific programs, working closely with program partners.

Oversight & Assessment

Making sure programs are being implemented appropriately and correctly, and conducting evaluations to make assessments about programs.

Hosting & Programming

Helping to shape programming especially when there are delegations from Israel; and identifying target audiences, design appropriate activites, and engage the community.

Israel & Overseas

Steering Committee

Limor Barak, regional development representative, Misgav

Limor Barak

Regional Development Representative
Anat Sharvit, Partnership Director, KarmielMisgav

Anat Sharvit

Partnership Director
Lilach Vaxsman Rana

Lilach Vaxsman Rana

Partnership2Gether Co-Chair
Nir Baram, Co-Chair for Partnership2Gether, Misgav

Nir Baram

Partnership2Gether Co-Chair
Yuval Kisus, Adult Kesher Co-Chair, Karmiel (and incoming Co-Chair, Partnership2Gether)

Yuval Kisus

Adult Kesher Co-Chair, Karmiel
(and incoming Co-Chair, Partnership2Gether)
Sharon Klein Raz, incoming Adult Kesher Co-Chair, KarmielMisgav

Sharon Klein Raz

Incoming Adult Kesher Co-Chair
Gal Weisberg, incoming Adult Kesher Co-Chair

Gal Weisberg

Incoming Adult Kesher Co-Chair
Dana Himmel

Dana Himmel

Incoming Youth Kesher Chair
Idith Gal

Idith Gal

Youth Kesher Co-Chair
Karmiel / Misgav
Galit Erner, Youth Kesher Co-Chair, Misgav

Galit Erner

Youth Kesher Co-Chair
Israel & Overseas

Federation Staff

Kim Salzman

Kim Salzman

Director, Israel & Overseas Operations
(412) 992-5239
Debbie Swartz

Debbie Swartz

Israel & Overseas Planning Associate
(412) 992-5208

An Introduction to Partnership2Gether

Debbie Swartz

Debbie Swartz

Israel & Overseas Planning Associate
(412) 992-5208

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