David Knoll

YAD Board Chair

David Knoll

Where you’re from

Originally from Long Island, New York, but I bleed black and gold.

What you do here in Pittsburgh professionally

Owner of Fifth & Grant Real Estate Services, a real estate company focusing on residential, commercial, and investor clients.

What you do personally (hobbies, etc.)

Family, outdoor fun, and helping the community.

Your favorite thing about Pittsburgh or in Pittsburgh

Most definitely, it’s people. The people here are not only warm, friendly, and receptive, but also always willing to help if asked. It’s a small/big city with no one too big or “important” to not take your phone call. This is a city where you can play an important role if you choose to get involved.

What you’re excited for this year as part of the YAD Board

Helping our generation not only better enjoy Pittsburgh living, but also mobilizing them to lead, steer, and eventually take over the stewardship of our Jewish community.