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Wednesday, June 21, 2023
7:30 PM EDT - 9:00 PM EDT

Israel in the Moment: A Changing Middle East and Challenges to Israeli Democracy

In-Person Event


JCC Squirrel Hill
5738 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217 United States
As the war in Israel continues, we recognize the importance of having a safe space to gather and would like to invite our community to our upcoming events.

Join renowned journalist Yaron Deckel and Laura Cherner for a public, community-wide event discussing Israel's current reality.

After its 5th election in less than 4 years, Israeli internal politics are in more turmoil than ever. What is the impact of the current government on Jewish communities in the Diaspora? What is the future of Israeli democracy? How might the current cycle of violence with Gaza play out? Award-winning Israeli journalist Yaron Deckel, now the Jewish Agency Director in Canada, will talk about these challenges and more in a region which never suffers from a dull moment. Joined by Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s own Laura Cherner, Director of Community Relations Council, hear from Yaron on the political atmosphere Israel faces today.


Yaron Deckel

Yaron Deckel’s career spans over three decades of reporting, editing, hosting, and serving as leader of one of Israel’s most popular radio stations. As political reporter and commentator for both radio and television, he has closely followed the ins-and-outs of Israeli politics and governance, developing close relationships with all the decision makers in Israel, including top politicians and military leaders. Between 2002–2007 Deckel served as Washington DC, Bureau Chief for Israeli Public TV where he covered US-Israel relations and traveled the US reporting on social and cultural issues, as well on internal US politics. Deckel interviewed many US presidents including Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and was the first Israeli journalist to interview George W. Bush. During his time in the US, he created a 5-part TV documentary “the Israelis”, documenting the lives of Israelis living in the US and Canada and a 4-part documentary about the “Jewish Identity in North America.” From 2012- 2017 Deckel served as the Editor in Chief and CEO of Galei Tsahal, a national public radio station. In 2015 he began hosting a weekly prime-time radio talk-show on Politics. Deckel is the winner of several awards including the Sokolov Award, the most prestigious award for journalists in Israel.  He also was the B’nai Brith award for special coverage of the Jewish Community in the USA. He is currently the working as the Regional Director to Canada at the Jewish Agency and is based in Toronto, ON.


JCC Squirrel Hill
5738 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217 United States



Debbie Swartz

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