Women’s Philanthropy

When we give in our own names we increase our credibility and agency as leaders and policy makers.

Lion of Judah
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E3: Empowered, Educated, Engaged
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It's Personal
When you give a gift in your own name, you demonstrate the importance of tzedakah to you.
Women's Spring Event
It's Eternal
You demonstrate women’s dedication to and acceptance of responsibility for the needs of the global Jewish community.
It's Empowering
You prove that women are knowledgeable philanthropists who understand how to exercise their power to make a difference through giving.
Women's Spring Event
It's You
You inspire others with the fiscal evidence of the influence women exert as full partners and decision makers in the family, the community, and among the Jewish People.

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Tuesday, October 24 - Tuesday, October 31



Katie Metosky
Katie Metosky
Manager, Women’s Philanthropy
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