Advanced CATT

Advanced Counter Active Threat Training

A 4-Part Course

This four-part advanced and expanded CATT course addresses the following important topics:

  1. Exploring the mind of an active shooter, predator versus prey, situational awareness and survival mindset.
  2. Exploring basic self-defense using techniques such as Krav Maga hands-on, for those wishing to do so.
  3. Exploring weapons awareness and disarming techniques.
  4. Incorporating all previous sessions to build on skills learned, adding more advanced defensive tactics to include team tactics and reality-based training.

Each block is approximately 45 minutes.

Participants practicing unarming an attacker-Photo by David Bachman

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Shawn Brokos
Shawn Brokos
Director, Community Security
Erin Fagan
Erin Fagan
Security Program Coordinator