Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future

The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future (CFJF) is an endowment within the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s Jewish Community Foundation that provides immediate and ongoing funding to make quality Jewish learning and experiences available to everyone. The CFJF supports a broad range of programs that instill a strong Jewish identity among participants and a desire to pass the love of Judaism on to the next generation. CFJF is the most significant philanthropic undertaking in Pittsburgh’s Jewish history. See the full brochure.

Our vision is a vibrant, thriving Pittsburgh community, of committed Jews who actively participate in Jewish programs and experiences and possess a strong desire to pass the love of Judaism on to our children and grandchildren.

CFJF seeks no less than to transform our community into one in which learning, participation, and strong identity is the rule rather than the exception by:

  • Increasing involvement in Jewish life and community
  • Recognizing the importance of quality programs and depth of Jewish experiences
  • Reaching out to families and individuals at critical times in their lives, when they are making the choice to seek out the Jewish community as a resource—or go elsewhere
  • Helping families overcome the high cost of living Jewishly

Our Impact

Because CFJF is uniquely structured to support programs immediately, funds are already at work to engage Jews in the region at every life stage. Currently funded programs include:

  • One Happy Camper incentive grants to encourage families to send their children to Jewish overnight summer camp, one of the leading transmitters of Jewish tradition and identity
  • Birthright Israel, to underwrite the participation of Pittsburgh community college-aged students in educational peer-group trips to Israel, another key to building Jewish identity in youth
  • Adult Education, to provide educational opportunities for the lifelong pursuit of Jewish literacy and intellectual growth
  • J-Burgh, to underwrite Jewish programming and build a Jewish community for 20-something individuals at a time of transition in their lives, between completing college and starting their own families
  • Providing synagogues with guidance and support to better meet the needs of the families that engage with them
  • Enhancing teacher training to ensure that we have better and more inspired educators who have the tools to succeed
  • Scholarships to make programs and schools more accessible to more people
  • Jewish Day Schools Tuition, to facilitate enrollment for Jewish children in one of three local schools offering an outstanding Judaic and secular education


Brian Eglash
Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer