Giving Levels

Thank you for your support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and the communities we serve.



MAJOR GIFTS: Donors giving $25,000+ to the Federation's Community Campaign. Donors are invited to all Top Gifts events (see below) in addition to an exclusive Major Gifts event each year acknowledging their strong commitment to the Jewish community.

TOP GIFTS: Donors giving $10,000-$24,999 to the Federation's Community Campaign. Top-Gifts donors are invited to a pre-reception for at Federation's annual Community Campaign Launch, for donors of $1,000 or more.

Giving LevelsNamesDivision
$1,000Ben Gurion SocietyYAD
$1,800Cardozo Society (Attorneys)Campaign
$1,800Maimonides Society (Healthcare)Campaign
$1,800YAD Top GiftsYAD
$3,600YAD Major DonorsYAD
$5,000Lion of JudahWomen
$10,000Top GiftsCampaign
$10,000Ruby LionWomen
$18,000Sapphire LionWomen
$25,000King David SocietyCampaign
$25,000Emerald LionWomen
$25,000Major GiftsCampaign
$36,000Amethyst LionWomen
$50,000Zahav LionWomen
$75,000Sabra LionWomen
$100,000Prime Minister's Council (PMC)Campaign
$200,000Silver PMCCampaign
$500,000Gold PMCCampaign
$750,000Platinum PMCCampaign
$1,000,000Jerusalem SocietyCampaign

people sitting in a park with a dog
Federation's YAD connects people ages 22 – 45 with each other and with programs, events, volunteering, and more.
Diane Samuels and Kristen Keller
Women in Pittsburgh's Jewish community are a diverse and vibrant group of role models and change makers.


Alexis Polakoff
Alexis Polakoff
Associate Vice President, Development