Pittsburgh JECEI & Bonim Beyachad Shared Community Goals

Quality Early Childhood Education.
Dedicated to maximizing the number of Jewish Pittsburghers engaged in meaningful Jewish learning.

I. Quality Early Education:

GOAL #1 – Educators, families, and children demonstrate mutual respect in the construction of educational experiences through collaboration and understanding.

GOAL #2 – Communication and feedback among educators, director, and parents are critical components of cultivating and sustaining relationships that enable the program to move forward.

GOAL #3 – Together, children, educators and parents experience the joy of learning by investigating and constructing meaning about the world around them.

GOAL #4 – Children and educators engage together in the process of making learning visible.

GOAL #5 – The Jewish early childhood center’s vision is reflected throughout the environment.

GOAL #6 – Families and educators perceive the school’s operation as well managed and organized.

II. Engaging Families in Jewish Living and Learning:

GOAL #7 – The school's philosophies, culture and everyday experiences are based on Jewish ideas and values.

GOAL #8 – Children’s engagement with Jewish living and learning is visible throughout the environment.

GOAL #9 – Families are valued and active partners with school educators, lay leaders and the host institution's professional and lay leaders in growing a community focused on Jewish living and learning.

III. Shared Leadership:

GOAL #10 – Parents, educators, and host institution leaders participate in the creation and ongoing use of a vision for their Jewish early childhood center.

GOAL #11 – Professional leadership in the Jewish Early Childhood Centers design and maintain structures to support Human Resource practices including annual performances assessments, planning time for staff, compensation for ongoing professional development.

GOAL #12 – Key stakeholders in the community (Federation, funders, and leaders) in partnership with institutions providing Jewish early childhood education design and help fund a plan which values and compensates Jewish Early Childhood Educators as professionals including salary, benefits, continuing education and planning time leading to the recruitment and retention of high quality educators.

GOAL #13 – Key stakeholders in the community (Federation, funders and leaders) spearhead an ongoing planning and implementation process of learning about and then providing for community needs and excellence in Jewish Early Childhood Education.

Participating Programs

Beth Shalom Early Learning Center
Community Day School
Community Day School
Hillel Academy
Jewish Community Center's Early Childhood Development Centers
Rodef Shalom Congregation
Rodef Shalom Family Center Preschool
Temple Emanuel Early Childhood Development Center
Temple Ohav Shalom Center for Early Learning
Temple Ohav Shalom Center for Early Learning
The Early Learning Center at Yeshiva
The Early Learning Center at Yeshiva


Carolyn Linder
Carolyn Linder
Associate Director, Jewish Life & Learning