Honeymoon Israel

January 1-January 1, 1970

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Mission Chairs


Full inclusion is a core value of Jewish Pittsburgh. The Jewish Federation welcomes participants of all abilities, backgrounds, races, religious affiliations, sexual orientations and gender expressions. Some mission activities require physical mobility. Please notify us prior to the trip if you require accommodation for accessibility or any other needs. We will do whatever possible to assist. Additional costs may apply. Call Jordan Tal 412-992-5227 to discuss.

NOTICE: By registering for this event, you agree that your (and your guest's) picture and/or video may be taken and potentially used in Jewish Federation marketing material and social media. If you do not agree, please call 412-681-8000 to register by phone and indicate that you decline to agree. Thank you.

Our COVID Plan

We will be following all CDC recommendations leading up to and during the mission. We will also be monitoring Israel and airline policies on COVID/vaccines and will share that information as it is available.

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