Sustained Giving Program

Manage your giving your way.

What's the FAQ, Jack?

Is there a minimum monthly donation to participate?

No. Whether you'd like to give $5, $50 or $500 per month, it's up to you.

Am I able to be a part of the various giving societies such as Shofar Society, Lions of Judah, Cardozo, Maimonides and Ben Gurion Society?

Yes! Based on your total annual giving, you will be included in all respective Federation giving societies.

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Will I get invited to events?

Yes. Based on your total annual giving, you will be invited to all qualifying events.

Will I be listed on the Honor Roll in the Federation's Annual Report?

Yes. When you give a gift that totals $1000 or more per year, you have the option of being listed in the Federation's Annual Report.

How can I increase the amount of my monthly donation?

You're in control! By registering for your own donor profile account, you can adjust your giving amount, change your payment date and manage your payment information.

Will the Federation stop calling me to ask for an Annual Contribution?

Yes. However, the Federation will continue to invite you to events and to thank you for your sustaining support!

Andreya Cherry

Andreya Cherry

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Andreya Cherry

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