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Funding programs that impact critical areas of Jewish life.


Request for Proposals

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Community Foundation
Moravitz Family Foundation Program Funding

The Stanley and Flo Mae Moravitz Family Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Community Foundation is seeking applications for program funding. The Committee is interested in funding projects and programs that have impact in at least one of the following areas:

  • Jews at Risk
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Jewish Continuity
  • Israel Advocacy
  • Health and Human Needs Overseas and in Israel (special consideration will be given to applications which work to enhance our Partnership2Gether Region - Karmiel/Misgav)

Most grants are given in a range of $10,000 to $25,000. Our funding is limited to organizations registered as United States 501(c)3 non-profits, or with legal conduits holding that status.


  • Create an applicant profile on our online platform and invite collaborators to do the same. Also, have your Executive Director and Board Chair, if applicable, create their own profiles so that they can e-sign the application later in the process.
  • Select Moravitz Application: Take the eligibility quiz, select the Moravitz funding opportunity, and input Access Code "Moravitz2020"
  • Complete an application, in English, that:
    • Provides an overview of your organization's current activities and accomplishments
    • Describes the project or program for which you are seeking funding
    • Explains how this project or program fits within the above described funding priorities
    • Identifies the amount of the grant you are requesting, as well as the total amount of the project/program budget
    • Provides appropriate contact information
    • Is signed by both the organization's senior director or manager and the president of the organization's board of directors.
    • Includes attachments: Mission Statement, Annual Report, and board list

Applications must be submitted by August 30, 2019. Final funding decisions will be announced on or before December 20, 2019.  

If you have received funding in the past, you will be prompted to complete a program assessment as part of your application for 2019-2020 funds. The program assessment includes:

  • Program Summary:
    • Brief description of 2018-2019 program, noting which piece of the program was funded by the Moravitz Family Foundation allocation or how the allocation has enhanced the overall program.
    • Target population and number served
    • Staffing
    • Total cost of program
  • Budget for 2018-2019 that reflects actual expenses to date, and includes all revenue sources and expense categories
  • Assessment
    • Describe progress you have made in achieving the specific project goals/outcomes stated in the grant request, and provide an update
    •  Describe any changes to the project design or implementation schedule
    • Based on current conditions, are there things you would do differently in utilizing the grant award? If so, what?
    • Provide an update on project sustainability beyond the grant period (if applicable)
    • Any additional information you would like to share with the funder.

Your request for funding will not be considered for approval if the program assessment is not completed along with your new application by August 30, 2019.

If you have any questions, please address them to Brian Eglash. He can be reached via phone at (412) 992-5240 or email at For local inquiries in Israel, please contact Kimberly Salzman, Director of Israel and Overseas Operations, Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh at 412-992-5239 or at

Shelly Parver

Shelly Parver

Assistant Planning Director
(412) 992-5207

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Contact Shelly Parver for more information.