A Purim Miracle

By Jeff Finkelstein | February 26, 2021

Today the dreams of 280 Ethiopian olim joined the amazing kibbutz Galuyot that is the State of Israel and fulfilled their dreams of returning to their historic homeland.

COVID-19 Relief Stories: Ruth Skeegan

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | February 26, 2021

For years, Ruth Skeegan looked out for the Jewish community. Now, with help from the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, the community looks out for her during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barbara and Kevin Ginsburg

COVID-19 Relief Stories: Kevin & Barbara Ginsburg

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | February 19, 2021

The Jewish Federation improved the well-being of Kevin, a mostly nonverbal man with intellectual disabilities in group care.


Names that Endure

By Jeff Finkelstein | February 19, 2021

While none of us is immortal, our names reflecting our good deeds can be.

Purim mask

A New Hope

By Jeff Finkelstein | February 12, 2021

“When the month of Adar enters, we increase in joy.” 2021? Happy? Joyful?

Pittsburgh Skyline

2021 Campaign Leadership Match

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | February 12, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce this $90,000 Leadership Match to help us double the impact of the 2021 Community Campaign.

Tahlia Altgold Hillel JUC Chanukah

COVID-19 Relief Stories: Tahlia Altgold and Eli Sigman

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | February 5, 2021

Jewish Federation has provided funding not only for the “obvious” things like life-saving personal protective equipment, but also for life-saving programming.

Ethiopian mother reunited in Israel with daughter

Your Federation Support Reunites Families

By Jeff Finkelstein | February 5, 2021

Each of you, our Federation donors, are making modern Jewish history and impacting the lives of real individuals.

JFNA Virtual Mission to Washington DC

Travel with the Jewish Federation

By Jeff Finkelstein | January 22, 2021

A virtual mission to Washington, DC, Snowbird event in sunny Florida and a real MEGA MISSION to Israel are on the horizon.

COVID food insecurity relief at the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry

COVID-19 Relief Stories: Ron & Julie

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | January 21, 2021

Imagine realizing for the first time in your life that you need food assistance.

Mega Mission June 2022

Planning for the Future in the Middle of a Crisis

By Jeff Finkelstein | January 15, 2021

We find ourselves in a time where we need to be dealing with the emergent issues of today while still thinking about our future.

Al Noor Mosque, New Zealand

An Update from the Christchurch Foundation Overseeing Money Donated Through the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | January 14, 2021

Authored by the New Zealand Jewish Council, working with the Christchurch Foundation to distribute money contributed by the Jewish Federation.


Communities of Mutual Support

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | January 12, 2021

While our relationship with the local Black community has been strong for many years, it became even stronger after the shooting at the Tree of Life building on Oct. 27, 2018.

senior person on iPad

COVID-19 Relief Stories: Rieta Hirschman

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | December 28, 2020

The Jewish Federation leads the effort to coordinate services across Jewish agencies and to ensure that families have the support they need at the critical time they need it.

Super Sunday Thank You

Super Sunday Raises $285,000!

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | December 21, 2020

Together we raised over $285,000, bringing the 2021 Community Campaign total to more than $5.5 million towards our $14 million goal!

Federation Top 40 Year-End Countdown

By Jeff Finkelstein | December 18, 2020

There is much more the Federation and the agencies we fund accomplished in this crazy year of 2020.

stethoscope heart check up

COVID-19 Relief Tops $7 Million

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | December 15, 2020

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s board approved an additional $1 million in COVID-19 relief distributions on December 14.

medical supplies

Jewish Federation has Distributed $1,549,380 million in Coronavirus Relief Funds

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | December 15, 2020

These funds are a combination of campaign and foundation allocations that were reallocated and supplemental donor gifts.

Theodor Herzl: Architect of a Nation by Norman Finkelstein

If You Will it, it is No Dream

By Jeff Finkelstein | December 11, 2020

I must share an unbelievable story from this past week that is more personal than I usually get in my messages.


Nonprofit Security Grant Program

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | December 8, 2020

These materials are designed to assist you in applying for security funding.

Ethiopian Jews Make Aliyah 12-3-2020

Chanukah Miracles Come Early for Ethiopian Jews

By Jeff Finkelstein | December 4, 2020

Yesterday, 316 Jews lifted off from their native country of Ethiopia to arrive in their new home in Israel.

Ethiopian Jews Make Aliyah 12-3-2020

Ethiopian Jews Make Aliyah With Your Help

By Kim Salzman | December 3, 2020

An emotional moment as 316 Ethiopian Jews make Aliyah to Israel.

Pittsburgh Federation pin

How a Collaborative Community Acts

By Jeff Finkelstein | November 20, 2020

The dollars we raise are here for a purpose – to help.

Pittsburgh bridge

Jewish Federation Reaches Over $6 Million Milestone in COVID-19 Relief

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | November 18, 2020

The key impact areas include health and wellness, emergency funding and food insecurity, physical-space needs for proper social distancing, capacity building and maintaining Jewish identity.

Blue Point Security

Keeping Our Community Safe and Open

By Jeff Finkelstein | November 13, 2020

We are trying not only to keep our community safe, but also trying to help everyone to feel safe.

Passport to Israel

Jewish Federation Urges Early Planning for Israel Teen Travel

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | November 12, 2020

Remote education will probably prevail for the foreseeable future, so teens and young adults are yearning for meaningful alternative learning.

child laughing

Jewish Federation Partners With Sacred Spaces to Protect Youth From Abuse

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | November 2, 2020

Ensuring that our community remains safe from all threats, inside and out.

Jewish Together

What Happens When we do Jewish Together

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 30, 2020

This piece written by Eric Finger hut, CEO of the JFNA appeared in a daily newsletter ( and demonstrates again the power of working collectively, something that is at the core of how our Pittsburgh Jewish community functions.

Rally for Peace

Right Back to October 27, 2018

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 23, 2020

I am not psychologist (I am married to one) but it seemed almost like a mild PTSD-type reaction.

Come Together General Assembly 2020

Come Together

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 16, 2020

We want to encourage as many of our community members to participate in the GA on October 25 and 26.

New Riverview

Here’s Some Good News

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 9, 2020

Today, I want to look at some of the positive things to hopefully pick us all up.


Socially Distanced Sukkot

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 2, 2020

Thank you to you, our donors, for the role you play in enabling the unimaginable to be a reality.

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