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PJ Library

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | December 1, 2020

Danielle West,Pittsburgh PJ Library Upcoming Events of Interest

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How a Collaborative Community Acts

By Jeff Finkelstein | November 20, 2020

The dollars we raise are here for a purpose – to help.

Pittsburgh bridge

Jewish Federation Reaches Over $6 Million Milestone in COVID-19 Relief

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | November 18, 2020

The key impact areas include health and wellness, emergency funding and food insecurity, physical-space needs for proper social distancing, capacity building and maintaining Jewish identity.

Blue Point Security

Keeping Our Community Safe and Open

By Jeff Finkelstein | November 13, 2020

We are trying not only to keep our community safe, but also trying to help everyone to feel safe.

Passport to Israel

Jewish Federation Urges Early Planning for Israel Teen Travel

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | November 12, 2020

Remote education will probably prevail for the foreseeable future, so teens and young adults are yearning for meaningful alternative learning.

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Jewish Federation Partners With Sacred Spaces to Protect Youth From Abuse

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | November 2, 2020

Ensuring that our community remains safe from all threats, inside and out.

Jewish Together

What Happens When we do Jewish Together

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 30, 2020

This piece written by Eric Finger hut, CEO of the JFNA appeared in a daily newsletter ( and demonstrates again the power of working collectively, something that is at the core of how our Pittsburgh Jewish community functions.

Rally for Peace

Right Back to October 27, 2018

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 23, 2020

I am not psychologist (I am married to one) but it seemed almost like a mild PTSD-type reaction.

Come Together General Assembly 2020

Come Together

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 16, 2020

We want to encourage as many of our community members to participate in the GA on October 25 and 26.

New Riverview

Here’s Some Good News

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 9, 2020

Today, I want to look at some of the positive things to hopefully pick us all up.


Socially Distanced Sukkot

By Jeff Finkelstein | October 2, 2020

Thank you to you, our donors, for the role you play in enabling the unimaginable to be a reality.

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Jewish Federation Steps Forward to Combat Anti-Semitic Disinformation During Election

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | October 1, 2020

It’s critical now more than ever to distinguish between what’s real and what’s fake.

Tribute in Light to the Twin Towers

Reach for the Positive

By Jeff Finkelstein | September 11, 2020

I write this message on a tragic day for America as we remember those murdered nineteen years ago.

Holocaust Center exhibit

Holocaust Center Marks 40 Years Since Founding

By Jeff Finkelstein | September 4, 2020

How prescient our founders were, when they appointed the first Holocaust Center director in September 1980, forty years ago this month.

High Holiday Hook Up

High Holiday Hookup

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | August 31, 2020

Do you know what you’re doing for the High Holidays? Does anybody?!

Rosh Hashanah

The Advantage of Giving Appreciated Securities

By Jeff Finkelstein | August 28, 2020

For many people, there is a significant advantage to making contributions of appreciated securities to charitable organizations.

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Promotes Laura Cherner to Director, Community Relations Council

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | August 27, 2020

Laura Cherner, assistant director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s Community Relations Council (CRC), will become its director on Oct. 5, 2020.

Annual Meeting FED TALKS

Community Strength in a Time of Crisis

By Jeff Finkelstein | August 21, 2020

If you have not yet registered, you can register for the Annual Meeting online.

Leket Israel Coronavirus Update

By Kim Salzman | August 6, 2020

The day Israel’s president showed up to help Leket Israel feed the pandemic poor.

Kishorit - young man with horse

Kishorit Coronavirus Update

By Kim Salzman | August 6, 2020

Enjoy this update from Kishorit, one of our longstanding grantee organizations, which is managing the coronavirus pandemic quite well.

empty pockets

In Times Like This, 10% is Not Enough

By Jeff Finkelstein | July 31, 2020

During these economically challenging times, it is our imperative as Jews to help those in need.

Tisha B'Av

Connecting with Your Community

By Jeff Finkelstein | July 24, 2020

Again, these have focused us all to concentrate outside ourselves, to look towards community.

The Volunteer House - United Hatzalah

Visit to The Volunteer House for United Hatzalah

By Kim Salzman | July 23, 2020

With the help of their unique GPS technology and ambucycles, their volunteer medics arrive to the scene of an accident or disaster in less than 3 minutes across the country and 90 seconds in metropolitan areas.


Economic Development

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | July 21, 2020

Economic Empowerment for Women (EEW) Joint Business and Empowerment Training for Jewish and Arab Women in the GalileeEEW assists women from the geographic and social periphery of Israel who possess entrepreneurial spirits but lack access to suitable business training and bank credit to develop small businesses of their own, gain self-sufficiency, and alleviate the cycle…

Federation Funds Ecology for a Protected Community

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | July 21, 2020

As Israel prepares to weather a second coronavirus wave, the Jewish Federation funded a social enterprise that collects and reconditions electronic waste in Misgav.

Varsity Walk

Jewish Campus Life Revisited

By Jeff Finkelstein | July 17, 2020

Hillel JUC staff and volunteers developed new strategies to connect with Jewish students.

continent puzzle

Geographically Apart and Yet United

By Jeff Finkelstein | July 10, 2020

Neither geography nor pandemic is a barrier to keeping us connected and caring for each other.

Mega Mission Imagine

June 2022 – Pittsburgh’s Mega Mission to Israel

By Jeff Finkelstein | June 26, 2020

While we are still practicing social distancing and dreaming of a time when we are able to travel, to sign up to receive more information as details continue to be hammered out.

Thank You Bubbles

The 2020 Community Campaign Has Raised $13.6 Million

By Jeff Finkelstein | June 19, 2020

Let’s celebrate hard and quickly because we still have so much to do.

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s Community Relations Council Supports Communities of Color

By Community Relations Council | June 5, 2020

It’s been a difficult and emotional week. A recap of our outreach to the Black community:

We Stand with the African American Community

By Jeff Finkelstein | June 5, 2020

We look forward to continuing to collaborate with, listen to and learn from our partners in the African American community and law enforcement to make Pittsburgh a more equitable, safe and inclusive place for all who live here.

Pittsburgh Bridges are like CRC

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Community Relations Council Statement Regarding Riots Sparked by the Killing of George Floyd

By Community Relations Council | June 1, 2020

We stand with the African American community and all communities of color in mourning the deaths of Mr. Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others who have lost their lives simply because of the color of their skin.

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