An online, individualized encounter for Jewish teens from around the world.

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Looking for Jewish teens for a one-of-a-kind program!

Meet an Israeli high school student for a series of curated one on one video encounters.




Spread out over 2-3 months.



Structured and user-friendly video-based encounter (mifgashim) of 30 minutes, plus one prep meeting and exit interview. Encounters would be scheduled for Sundays.


Thematic Tracks

Choose a special interest track from sports, history, art & music, or science & technology. Tracks integrate inspirational messages drawn from both classic and modern Jewish texts.

All meetings will be held in English beginning in February 2021. There will also be an orientation and evaluation session.

If you are a high-school student and have always wanted to meet an Israeli teen who shares your interests...

Now's your chance!

One2One is a new opportunity for Jewish high schoolers to connect around shared interests and Jewish life.

The pandemic has severely limited opportunities for Israelis and Jews from around the world to meet and get to know one another. We intend for the program to expand and grow in future years, but also recognize that it has a special value today, during this unprecedented emergency.

One2One seeks to build connections between Jewish high schoolers from Israel and around the world. By raising awareness about diverse Jewish societies and traditional Jewish values like “mutual responsibility” (arvut hadadit in Hebrew), the program aims to strengthen a common sense of Jewish peoplehood.

For Israeli participants, there is an added goal of improving English language fluency—identified as a critical metric for Israel’s continued economic development and its global competitiveness.

One2One is sponsored and led by Enter: the Jewish Peoplehood Alliance, a new start-up funded by a coalition of Jewish philanthropists, including Birthright co-founder Charles Bronfman. It is being run in partnership with local Jewish community, denominational and national organizations from English-speaking Jewish communities, and in coordination with the Israeli Ministries of Education and Diaspora Affairs.

One2One’s inaugural mifgashim (“encounters”) are set to take place in early 2021.

Israeli participants are Jewish high school teens who are advanced English language students, largely from 11th and 12th grades, with some 10th graders also participating. About a dozen Israeli high schools are registered from across the country, from the main, state-sponsored and religious public education networks. Haifa, Nahariya, Netivot, Netanya, Beer Sheva, and Ashkelon are just a few of the cities that will be represented.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion and can utilize this international exchange experience on college applications and job resumes. Some partner organizations are adapting the program for advancement, training, educational or community service requirements.

Participants will meet five times over 2-3 months for 30-minute sessions that follow a suggested program, discuss areas of mutual interest, learn about each other’s lives and together create a culminating project. The sessions will be conducted in English. In addition, participants will take part in a “session 0” prior to their pairing to prepare for the experience.

Enter’s staff and educational consultants are taking the lead in content development, in consultation with professionals in participating partner organizations. The lead content creator, Dr. Noga Cohavi (Haifa), has many years of experience leading content development on Jewish peoplehood in the Israeli public education system.

Prior to participating, students will commit to standards of behavior for all interactions. In these 1:1 pairings we will be using a secure communications platform based on Google Meet. In the event a student fails to comply with the standards of behavior, and/or fails to attend, they could be asked to leave the program.

Participants are not required to commit to follow-on encounters, but they are invited to do so at their discretion. Enter and the partner organizations will facilitate the sharing of contact information, according to participant preferences. Beyond this pilot phase, the organizers are exploring possibilities for follow-on contact via future encounter and immersive programs.

When registering on the platform, each teen will be able to choose the dates most convenient for them. Sessions are expected to take place on Sundays. If a session is missed, participants will be able to reschedule the meeting. If they miss two sessions or more, they will not be able to complete the series and will not continue in the program. If any participant decides they are not comfortable with their pairing, there will be protocols for contacting program staff and requesting a rematch.


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