Leading with Jewish Values

Participants will explore how the themes of Jewish time, place, and spirit provide Jewish wisdom to guide decision making, demonstrate the importance of Jewish communal leadership, and reveal how Jewish identity influences leadership skills. This series is for young adults between the ages of 22-45.

This exploration comprises nine thought-provoking seminars (naturally, with dinner) that cover three core themes:


Jewish Time

What does it mean to live in Jewish time? What key Jewish ideas emerge from the unique rhythms of how Jews mark time, celebrate, and commemorate?

Jewish Place

What significance do Jews attach to being together physically as a community, to holy spaces, and to the notion of having a land?

Jewish Spirit

Beyond our tangible reality, how does Judaism think about our spiritual side – connecting to God, nourishing our souls, uplifting our collective potential?

Following each theme, experiential learning opportunities will allow participants to practice their learning.

Generously supported by Raven and Essie Garfinkel.


Mondays, March 5 through May 27, 2024.
Please Note: No class on April 22 or 29.

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