Site Assessment

Optimal Security

Each organization and building has unique needs.

Site Assessment for Optimal Security

It is important to assess the security needs of each building within our Community. Each has its own security concerns that the Communal Security group can address. The link below is a "Security Site Visit" assessment form. Please take the time to look at the form and schedule a visit with the Community Security team. The assessment will be a thorough walk through and discussion of security concerns you may have.

Target Hardening of the facility can be accomplished in many forms. We do not need to turn our buildings into fortresses. We can discuss inexpensive ways to secure your building and determine the best possible mode of access control. These assessments being conducted will also aide your endeavors to apply for and secure a Homeland Security Grant.

Security Site Visit Assessment Form

Shawn Brokos

Shawn Brokos

Jewish Community Security

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Erin Wyland

Erin Wyland

Security Program Coordinator