Agency Endowment Funds

AGENCY AND SYNAGOGUE ENDOWMENT FUNDS enable you or your organization to provide support to an agency or synagogue for their general operations or for a specific program.

How Does It Work?

Your fund will be invested by financial management experts as part of the Jewish Community Foundation’s large pool of resources, generating income that will make an impact on our community for generations to come.

Foundation staff can work with you to determine the most tax-advantaged way to fund your endowment.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Donors can support the agencies that are most meaningful to them and their families.
  • Creating an endowment during your lifetime may provide an immediate tax benefit in the year the endowment is funded.
  • Creating an endowment in your will may reduce estate taxes while enabling you to continue your support for the Jewish community far into the future.

What Are Examples?

  • You can ensure that other youth will enjoy a program that you loved as a child, by supporting Jewish summer camp or youth groups.
  • You can support the day school that educated your child, and assure that other children will have the same academic opportunities.
  • You can act on pressing social issues by underwriting Israel advocacy programs on campus, for example, or by supporting Holocaust education programs.
  • You can address the growing needs of our city’s older adult population by supporting a residential assisted living program.


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