Annual Reports, Financials and Jewish Federation-Sponsored Research Publications

Annual Summaries

2021 Honor Roll

Read the Honor Roll to see our donors and a summary of 2020-2021 accomplishments.

2021 Your Federation Impact

Read Your Federation Impact to see how you help strengthen Jewish life, support those in need and build a safer, more inclusive world.


Financial Statements

Audited financial statements, year ending June 30, 2021

IRS Form 990, year ending June 30, 2020


Jewish Federation Research

2022 Making Us Whole: Understanding and Addressing COVID-19 Related Economic Insecurity in Jewish Pittsburgh

Read Making Us Whole to understand sources of economic insecurity in Jewish Pittsburgh and possible way to address these concerns.

2017 Jewish Community Study

Read the Jewish Community Study to understand population size and demographics of Pittsburgh's Jewish community.

2019 Interfaith Families in Pittsburgh

Read the research on interfaith families to get their experience and perspectives in Jewish Pittsburgh and implications for serving these populations.

2020 Building Resilient Jewish Communities

Read the research on the COVID-19 pandemic to understand its impact on Jewish Pittsburgh in the earliest months of lockdown in 2020.



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