Get Involved

Make an Impact

Three great ways to connect to Jewish Pittsburgh.

Strengthening Jewish life. Supporting those in need. Building a safer, more inclusive world. These three areas present nearly endless opportunities to get involved, meet people and make a difference in the lives of your friends, neighbors and people around the world. Check out some of the ways you can get involved:

Strengthening Jewish life

We connect people to Jewish life in ways that they find meaningful. From day schools to retirement homes and from community centers to synagogues, we support a wide range of programs and institutions for people at all life stages that together create a more vibrant and resilient Jewish community in greater Pittsburgh.

Supporting those in need

We take care of community members experiencing hardship, and adapt to meet ever-changing needs so that each person can live with dignity. In times of crisis, we quickly send help where it’s most needed.

We provide funding, planning and leadership development to address a wide range of needs throughout people’s lives including food and financial insecurity, mental health, and support for people with disabilities, here and around the world.

Building a safer, more inclusive world

We lead and support efforts that advance a more just, secure and inclusive society, where we accept everyone regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs or identity; where we work together against antisemitism, hate and discrimination.

Through our work on security, advocacy, outreach and programming, we’re building a diverse, equitable community.

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