Virtual Block Watch

A Community-Wide Effort

What is it?

The Virtual Block Watch is one of the Jewish Federation’s proactive volunteer measures for keeping our community safe through collaborative efforts. This is an opportunity to be an active bystander and work in concert with your neighbors, community leaders, and law enforcement to prevent, deter, and, in some cases, solve crimes.

If you have exterior home security cameras, we ask that you join our neighborhood registry and if called upon by the Jewish Federation or law enforcement, to voluntarily share that information or footage.

If you are interested, please register below. Please know that this does not obligate you in any way, nor grant us access to your cameras. This is a best practice that we have seen work in other communities, and we would love for you to be an active bystander and help us keep our community safe.

Why Participate?

By registering your security cameras, you not only discourage criminal activity but also contribute to the overall safety of our neighborhoods. Should a criminal incident occur near your camera, you’ll be contacted by Federation Security or law enforcement to review video footage from your camera to aid in investigations. There is no cost to participate. You may delete your registration at any time.

Registering does not obligate you in any way, nor grant anyone access to your cameras.

What is the Federation's Role?

When an incident occurs in the neighborhood, Federation serves as a liaison between community members and law enforcement. Federation securely stores your registration and contact information, only to be shared with law enforcement during a relevant investigation. Neither the Federation or law enforcement will be able to access your cameras or retain your recorded data. If you move, no longer want to participate in Virtual Block Watch, or need to update your information, please contact Shawn Brokos at (412-992-5229) or Erin Fagan at (412-992-5252).

If You See Something, Say Something

It is extremely important to report incidents as soon as you witness them. Please use our Incident Report form to report all suspicious activity and antisemitic acts. It is very helpful to submit supporting video footage with your report to be reviewed and shared with the appropriate local, state and federal law enforcement for action and resolution.

Step 1
Register Your Camera(s)
Complete the above form for any property where you have security cameras. Your information is confidential. You may delete your registration at any time.
Step 2
After completing registration, Shawn and Erin will follow up with you. You will also receive a Virtual Block Watch window decal to display in your home or business.
Step 3
Stay Vigilant
Submit an incident report if you capture video footage of a suspicious or criminal act. If a criminal incident occurs near your camera, you’ll be contacted by Federation Security or law enforcement to see if your camera caught any footage of the crime.


Shawn Brokos
Shawn Brokos
Director, Community Security
Erin Fagan
Erin Fagan
Security Program Coordinator