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The Buncher Institute for Leadership Development (BuILD) was founded in 2023 to connect, inspire, train and engage volunteer leaders who are committed to leading our thriving Jewish communal organizations.

BuILD Glossary of Terms

Adaptive leadership is a theory created by Marty Linsky and Ronald Heifetz, professors and authors from Harvard University. It is a practical approach to solving business challenges. Leaders identify and focus on the collective process and not making authoritative decisions. Adaptive leadership works best in response to complex problems.

A group of individuals who share common characteristics, in the case of BuILD, leadership driven. Cohorts have strict start and end dates and a curriculum led by a facilitator.

A community of practice is a group of people who share a common role, interest, or set of problems who come together to fulfill their individual or group goals. This is most commonly done through sharing of best practices, peer consultations, and creation of new ideas.

Interrelated knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are relevant and measurable to the specific role of an individual.

For example, being adaptable is a competency, active listening is a skill.

The principles, rules, and processes that are required to make strategic decisions in an organization’s best interest while also providing oversight and accountability. (Source:

Peer consultation is a methodology in which one person brings a challenge or situation to the group. The group will then use data gathering questions to obtain all information, the leader and group will do an in-depth brainstorm, and review possible solutions.

Peer consultation is a proven methodology that reduces leadership isolation and creates deep, meaningful relationships between participants.

An individual who serves an organization either on the board or through a committee. A volunteer leader is not designated by role or title, but rather how an individual sees themselves within the group/community/organization.


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The Jack Buncher FoundationThe Buncher Institute for Leadership Development (BuILD) was generously endowed by The Jack Buncher Foundation.

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Ellen Gettinger
Ellen Gettinger
Director, Buncher Institute for Leadership Development