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Security Updates

Pennsylvania was one of the top states that saw white supremacy propaganda in 2022.

Security Updates

The federal Hate Crime trial of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is scheduled to begin April 24th with jury selection.

Security Updates

We closely monitored the events of the Feb 25th “National Day of Hate”. At this time, no known related incidents or activities materialized in the Pittsburgh area or across the country.
Pittsburghers Visit Federation Supported Sites in Israel - Feb 2023

You Are Making a Positive Impact in Israel

With your Federation support, these organizations will continue to strengthen Israeli society and ensure that Israel will continue to be a light unto the nations.
Young Ukrainian Woman

Shabbat for Ukrainian Jews

Today marks one full year since the Russian war against Ukraine began.

Security Updates

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) SchoolSafety.gov site has launched a Child Exploitation topic page.

Security Updates

Several known antisemitic, white supremacist, and neo-Nazi groups have encouraged their followers to participate in a "National Day of Hate" on February 25th.
Love Your Neighbor man in hat

Fighting Antisemitism on Both Sides of the Field

What won the Superbowl this past weekend for the Kansas City Chiefs? (Ignoring the question of the late holding call.) Was it the strong and strategic offense or was it the resilient and consistent defense? Of course, it’s both because football is played “on both sides of the field.” Is it the same with our …

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Earthquake in Turkey - Feb 2023

Earthquake in Turkey Touches Us All

One of my classmates from my graduate program in Jewish Communal Services was born and raised in Turkey. I sent him a message earlier this week to check on his family. His response was: Most of my family is very far from these events on the northwest side of country. I have a few distant …

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Protected: The Jewish Text Puzzle

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
Women cry as they watch while the emergency teams search for people in the rubble of a destroyed building in Adana, Turkey, Monday, Feb. 6, 2023. A powerful quake has knocked down multiple buildings in southeast Turkey and Syria and many casualties are feared. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

How You’re Helping Earthquake Victims

We are all devastated watching the news from the tragic earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The death toll is now above 11,000 and is still rising. The Jewish community in Turkey has also been hard hit. The president of the Antakya community, Saul Cenudioglu, is feared dead along with his wife, Fortuna. The town’s synagogue …

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January Security Updates

For the latest security information in your local and international world.
  • Andrew Clinton remains in custody.
  • Feb. 15: An Inside Look at Extremism, Radicalization & Hate Crimes.
  • Feb. 23: Advanced Community Active Threat Training (CATT).
pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Regarding January 27, 2023 Terror Attacks in Jerusalem

We are devasted by the horrific attack in Jerusalem this past Shabbat where a Palestinian terrorist killed seven civilians outside a synagogue.
Honeymoon Israel Winter 2023 Cohort

Finding New Friends and Meaningful Conversation

Thirty-eight Honeymooners experience Israel and build new relationships.
Egyptian pyramids

Relevant Now and in the Future

A new king arose over Egypt, who did not know about Joseph.
little girl on man's shoulders

Jewish Pittsburgh Regional Institutions Awarded $730,000

Five million dollars approved for Pennsylvania's nonprofit security grant program this year.
Donor Advised Funds

Charitable Checking Accounts Tailored to Your Needs

It’s like a having a private foundation without that cost or burden of administration.
412x972 Pittsburgh Tel Aviv

Bringing People and Businesses Together

Federation innovation spans the non-profit and for-profit worlds.
Mike Masters of Security Community Network speaks with ABC News

Pittsburgh Strong

Jewish Pittsburgh's experience and support contribute to the protection of all North American Jews.

Federation Urges Jewish Synagogues and Agencies to Apply for Security Grants

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh today sent an urgent call for Pittsburgh-area Jewish agencies and synagogues to apply for Pennsylvania security grant dollars.

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