A Blatant Act of Aggression Met With a Coalition of Defense

We address you today with unwavering resolve and a profound sense of duty. The recent events unfolding in Israel demand our unequivocal condemnation. As the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, we stand firm in our commitment to justice, peace and the safety of our fellow community members.

A Blatant Act of Aggression

For the first time since the Gulf War in 1991, a sovereign nation has directly attacked Israel. The Islamic Republic of Iran, driven by hostility and malice, launched a massive strike—over 331 missiles and drones—against the Jewish state. Their intent was clear: to sow chaos inflict harm, and undermine the very fabric of our shared existence.

A Coalition of Defense

Yet, amidst this darkness, we find solace in the resilience of Israel’s defense systems. An international coalition, led by the US military, combined forces with Israel’s cutting-edge aerial defenses. Together, they achieved a remarkable feat: 99% of the enemy’s arsenal intercepted. Our prayers extend to the one individual who sustained injury—a testament to the valor of those who shield our land.

Hamas’s Rejection of Peace

Simultaneously, we witness the callousness of Hamas. Their formal rejection of the proposed ceasefire deal in Gaza underscores their disregard for human life and their relentless pursuit of conflict. We condemn this stance unequivocally.

Our Commitment

Today, we reaffirm our commitment to solidarity. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Israel and refuse to be defeated. Our resolve strengthens as we face adversity together.

Our resolve is unyielding. We condemn aggression, honor resilience and pray for peace.

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