Did You Hear?

Security Update

The Schenley Plaza encampment was completely disbanded on April 29.

Communities2Gether: Rebuilding Homes in Times of Need

This week Kim Salzman, Director, Israel & Overseas Planning & Impact, writes about a newly formed partnership with Kibbutz Nir Yitzchak to help rebuild the area.

Security Update

University of Pittsburgh was one of 33 universities engaging in anti-Israel protests. The protest initially started on Tuesday, April 23rd on Pitt’s campus but the students were then moved to Schenley Plaza with the agreement that they will vacate today.

Shabbat HaGadol

It does appear that Israel has accomplished the very difficult challenge of responding to the unprecedented attack from Iran without further escalating the conflict.

Security Update

This week, several Pittsburgh-area synagogues received threatening messages online. We then saw some Catholic organizations and other faith-based groups receive similar messaging. FBI Pittsburgh is investigating. These are separate and apart from the hoax bomb threats mentioned in last week’s newsletter.
We Stand With Israel

A Blatant Act of Aggression Met With a Coalition of Defense

We address you today with unwavering resolve and a profound sense of duty.

Security Update

Several Jewish organizations throughout Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, were targeted with hoax bomb threats this week.

Bringing Reality to Campus

This week Rachel Soloff, Community Relations Council Associate, writes about her trip to Israel with Campus Ambassadors.

Security Update

SCN urges the American Jewish community to expand its vigilance and preparation to prevent attacks while encouraging Jewish facilities to remain open.
A family holding up a photo of their kidnapped relatives

Taking Action in the Rise of Anti-Israel Beliefs

I am so proud of what we as a Federation have done since October 7 to stand with Israel.