AgeWell Pittsburgh Earns SAGECare Credential: Competency In Caring for LGBTQ+ Older Adults

AgeWell Pittsburgh has received the SAGECare credential, demonstrating their competency in caring for LGBTQ+ older adults.

AgeWell Pittsburgh, a collaboration to provide continuity of care for older adults, announced that they have received the SAGECare credential, demonstrating their competency in caring for LGBTQ+ older adults. AgeWell Pittsburgh comprises staff from the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, Jewish Family and Community Services, and Jewish Association on Aging. Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh helps to facilitate the collaboration. 

“JFCS embraces every opportunity to understand and assist seniors in all their diversity and differences. The SAGECare training allowed us to know even more about the lives that LGBTQ+ seniors have lived and how best to help them continue to experience life at its fullest,” said Stefanie Small, AgeWell representative for JFCS. 

All four organizations agree on inclusion as a core value of the Jewish community, and the AgeWell Pittsburgh partners wanted to ensure that older adults who identify as LGBTQ+ feel that they are being treated with respect and dignity. Jewish Federation provided funding for the certification training. 

“The JAA readily participated in SAGECare training. This training provided pertinent education to staff in different disciplines in order to better serve a diverse group of seniors in Allegheny County,” explained Nadine Kruman, AgeWell representative for the JAA. 

“The JCC was thrilled to have this opportunity to engage in the SAGECare training, ensuring that we continue to serve the older adults in our community with comfort, understanding and care,” agreed Alexis Mancuso, AgeWell representative for the JCC.  

SAGECare is a division of SAGE, the country’s oldest and largest non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ older adults. SAGECare provides LGBTQ+ competency training and consulting on LGBTQ+ aging issues to service providers. 

“Our vision is to make everyone in Jewish Pittsburgh feel supported, included and inspired,” said Jeff Finkelstein, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation. “Sometimes that requires getting expert support to ensure that staff at our Jewish agencies and synagogues know how to make everyone feel included,” he said. 

Together, AgeWell Pittsburgh and SAGECare will continue our partnership to serve people with the best care possible and make each older person feel comfortable for who they are. 

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