Changes to Donorsphere

We are very excited to announce that the Donorsphere website has received a makeover.  The new site will function in the same way as the original site, but there are a few changes.

PLEASE NOTE: Chrome users may need to clear their cookies before accessing the new site or resetting the password. Please follow this link for instructions on how to clear cookies in Chrome:

  • If you have multiple funds, you will need to select a fund from the dropdown box in the upper right of the screen. You can set a primary or default fund in the options dropdown.
  • Recent activity will now be on the left and much easier to read.  Under All Activity, you will see the five most recent transactions within the selected account, both in progress and posted.  The Contributions tab will show the five most recent contributions.
  • The Activity tab will take you to a screen that allows you to view your fund and statements.  The Fund Summary option will show you the selected fund activity for any period you wish to view.  The Statement option will allow you to view all statements for the selected fund. 

For Donor-Advised Fund Holders

  • Under the Contributions tab, if you need a copy of the tax letter associated with a contribution, simply click on the contribution listed.  You will see further details about the contribution and a link to retrieve your tax letter.  The Grants tab will show the most recent grants in progress as well as posted grants.  To see more fund activity, simply click on the blue link. 
  • There are two ways to make a grant: click on “Make a Grant” in orange under the Latest Activity or click Grant in the upper left.  Both will take you to a page where you can select from a dropdown menu of your most recent grants.  You can also search for a grantee using the blue link on the page.
  • Under the Activity tab, the Grant Activity option will show all grants as well as the status of those grants.  Using the dropdown menu, you can select to show specific statues only.  You can click on a grant to see further details and recommend another grant to the same organization.  The Grant History option will show you all your grant history based on the selected date(s).
  • The Search tab allows you to search for a grantee by entering a name or Employer Identification Number (Federal Tax ID).  To enter more information, click Advanced Search.  If you cannot find your grantee, use the “click here to enter your grantee” link.  There is also the option to view your recent grantees as well.  My Grantees is a comprehensive list of all grantees you have recommended to receive donations.
  • On the right of the home page, Manage Fund will take you to a page where you can change your communication preferences for the selected fund.  Also on the right of the home page, under the options dropdown, you can select your profile, which will allow you to change your personal information and communication preferences for tax receipts and grant letter copies. 

For questions, concerns or feedback about Donorsphere, please contact Patti Dziekan at 412-992-5221 or or Eric Probola at 412-992-5216 or

Stay Informed


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