Community Relations Council Statement on the Crisis in Israel

The Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh stands with Israel and its people who are under attack. We are devastated by the violence that has been indiscriminately targeting Israeli civilians and perpetuating terror. Over the last few days, we have witnessed Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire hundreds of rockets across Israel, causing injury to both Israelis and Palestinians. We mourn the deaths of those who have been killed in the barrage and extend our prayers for a speedy recovery to those who have been injured.

The violence is deeply personal for many members of our community who have friends, family, and loved ones living in Israel and fearing for their lives, including in our Partnership2Gether region of Karmiel and Misgav. These attacks are not in the pursuit of a better future for Palestinians; these indiscriminate attacks on civilians serve to traumatize, perpetuate terror, and advance the political agenda of Hamas, and innocent Israelis and Palestinians pay the price. Additionally, the recent violent attacks against Jews in some Arab Israeli communities and against Arab Israelis by fringe Jewish extremists, threaten the great work that has been accomplished in the past decades towards shared society. It is more crucial than ever to work towards an outcome that will ensure an end to the violence, an assurance of Israel’s security, and a path towards Palestinian self-determination.

We unequivocally stand in solidarity with Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorists, as any sovereign nation would.

We also recognize that images of violence in the holy city of Jerusalem during Ramadan and Yom Yerushalayim are deeply painful to both Muslims and Jews. There is no justification for indiscriminate violence against innocent people. We pray for peace and an end to the escalation of violence and further loss of life.

Much misinformation from the mainstream media in the U.S. has distorted the complex nature of this crisis. To stay informed about updates on the escalating situation, see how Federation is offering support, and how you can get involved, visit

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