Ethiopian Community

Ethiopian National Project

ENP SPACE in Karmiel and Tirat Carmel
ENP SPACE (School Performance and Community Empowerment) provides 7th-12th grade Ethiopian-Israelis and 20% non-Ethiopian-Israelis with a holistic support system that combines scholastic, social, emotional and nutritional interventions. ENP works as Federation’s arm alongside the Ethiopian-Israeli community; it is a grassroots initiative that aims to advance excellence in education, heighten future aspirations, increase self-confidence and provide youth with the tools necessary to succeed in Israel at every stage in life. Learn more

La’Ofek – Hope for the Future לאופק אחותנו

Achotenu – Academic Nurses Training Program for Ethiopian-Israelis
La’Ofek assists those living on the sidelines of society to realize their dreams and break the cycle of poverty. Their program “”Achotenu”” empowers Ethiopian-Israelis to establish stable financial futures by supporting their dreams of becoming nurses. The program assists students in gaining entry to nursing school, providing academic, financial and emotional support to empower them to graduate and assisting in finding employment. Learn more

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

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