Community Relations Council

Building harmonious relations and mutual understanding in a diverse world.

Build Harmonious Relationships
Within and beyond the Jewish community
Advocate for Social Justice
Enlist governmental and public support for oppressed communities
Promote Understanding
With respect to issues affecting the local, state, national and international Jewish community
CRC Support for Israel
Support the State of Israel
Engage in public policy issues and education

Events of Interest


Audience Agreement of Conduct
דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה

Respectful speaking and listening are essential, even though there may be widely differing opinions present. This is rooted in a core Jewish value: Derech eretz kadmah l’Torah, proper conduct precedes the Torah. We call upon those attending CRC programming to engage in mutual respect, even in the midst of a heated argument.

Verbal and/or nonverbal attempts to interrupt or disturb the program, as well as uncivil behavior directed toward speakers, other members of the audience, and/or program organizers may result in removal from the premises and affect participation in future CRC programs.


Laura Cherner
Laura Cherner
Director, Community Relations Council
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