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  • $12.8 Million of $14 Million Goal

  • $100,000 of $100,000 Match!

  • $46,365 of ADDITIONAL $60,000 Match!


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Campaign Closes June 15

$100,000 Leadership Match!

Perfect Match

Any donor who increases their 2019 donation by $1,000 or more will have the entire amount of their increase matched dollar-for-dollar.

Perfect Match

Donor Gave $3,000
in 2019

Donor Gives $4,000
in 2020

$1,000 Leadership
Match Applied

$5,000 to
the Campaign!

Perfect Match

A non-donor who gives $1,000 as a first-time gift will have the entire amount of their donation matched!

Perfect Match

Important Deadlines

February 13

Halfway Through Campaign

This is 3 months after This Is Us, the official launch of the 2020 Campaign

February 14

All Leadership Closed

All Federation campaign leadership – including fundraisers - and board members must be closed

March 1

All Committees Closed

All members of Federation standing committees to be closed

April 17

75% Campaign Closed

75% of the Campaign must be closed, including all donors giving $25,000 or greater and all of Federation's Beneficiary Agency Board members

Why are we closing the Campaign on June 15?

Our community has extraordinary needs and these needs require extraordinary planning. A campaign that closes by June 15 will allow our community to be able to plan properly based on actual funds raised, rather than expected funds to be raised.

Why Become a Volunteer Fundraiser?

To Make a Difference

Inspire and Support

Inspire and Support

Your investment in your community does not go unnoticed.

Help Make a Difference

Help Make a Difference

Solicitations from volunteers have a unique impact on donors.

Connect with the Community

Connect with the Community

You might just have some fun!

Be a Part of the Action

Upcoming Fundraising Opportunities

Nothing right now. Check back soon!

2 Minute Video
3 Simple Changes

Fundraiser Resources

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Asking About Endowments

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How to talk about Endowment Funds and why they are vital to the future of Jewish Pittsburgh.

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Answering Objections

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How to talk about giving to the Community Campaign in light of the giving response to the Victims of Terror Fund.

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