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  • $8.1 Million of $14 Million Goal

  • $7,400 of $90,000 Match!


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Campaign Closes June 30

$90,000 Leadership Match!

Perfect Match

Any donor who increases their 2020 donation by $1,000 or more will have the entire amount of their increase matched dollar-for-dollar.

Perfect Match

Donor Gave $3,000
in 2020

Donor Gives $4,000
in 2021

$1,000 Leadership
Match Applied

$5,000 to
the Campaign!

Perfect Match

A non-donor who gives $1,000 as a first-time gift will have the entire amount of their donation matched!

Perfect Match

Important Deadlines

January 31

Halfway Through Campaign

Reach $7,000,000 in Campaign pledges, halfway to our Campaign goal

March 31

All Committees Closed

All members of Federation standing committees to be closed

April 30

All $1,000+ Commitments Closed

All donors at the $1,000+ level closed for the 2021 Community Campaign

June 30

100% Campaign Closed

Close the 2021 Community Campaign and meet our goal of $14,000,000

Why Become a Volunteer Fundraiser?

To Make a Difference

Inspire and Support

Inspire and Support

Your investment in your community does not go unnoticed.

Help Make a Difference

Help Make a Difference

Solicitations from volunteers have a unique impact on donors.

Connect with the Community

Connect with the Community

You might just have some fun!

Fundraiser Resources

2021 Campaign Leadership Match

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Learn more about the 2021 Campaign Leadership Match!

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Asking About Endowments

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How to talk about Endowment Funds and why they are vital to the future of Jewish Pittsburgh.

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Answering Objections

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How to talk about giving to the Community Campaign in light of the giving response to the Victims of Terror Fund.

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Remote / Virtual Fundraising Tips

Although we don’t recommend meeting people in person given the risks of COVID-19 transmission, there are still some ways to make your solicitation more effective. Here are some ideas:

time piece

Schedule a time in advance that you and the donor are both available for a good period of time so the solicitation will not be rushed. You should ask for a time when the donor is less likely to be interrupted

check mark

Make sure you have good lighting and sound on your end and that you are making the solicitation from somewhere you will be less likely to be interrupted.


If possible, use a teleconferencing service to solicit gifts so that you can make a more personal connection. Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and several other services offer free accounts.

talk by phone

If you solicit gifts by phone, make sure you wait until the donor is done  speaking. Without visual clues, it can be difficult to tell if the person on the other end of the line has completed their thought

speech bubble

Follow up with each donor to build a stronger personal connection. Reaching out via email, phone or text can go a long way to creating a lasting commitment.

calendar invite

Make it simple for the donor by sending them a calendar invite with a link to your video meeting, so they have a reminder and all of the information is in one place.

Be a Part of the Action

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Celebration Thank You Event

Thursday, Jun. 10

Celebration Thank You Event

Wednesday, Jun. 16

Details coming soon.


Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Annual Meeting

Sunday, Sep. 12 @ 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM

A review of the achievements, challenges and direction of Pittsburgh’s…


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Manager of Campaign Operations

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