Wechsler Fellowship

Connect with a diverse group of young professionals to engage, develop and inspire leadership.

What is Wechsler?

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s Wechsler Fellowship: Building Pittsburgh’s Next Jewish Leaders is an initiative to engage, develop and inspire leadership in the Pittsburgh Jewish community. Wechsler explores the work of our Jewish community organizations, cultivates new leaders, and strengthens the sense of connection among Jewish young professionals from the diverse religious, professional and educational backgrounds that form the fabric of the Pittsburgh Jewish community. The Wechsler Fellowship is open to individuals ages 22-45 who are carefully selected following an application, and interview process.

What do Wechsler participants do?

The Wechsler Fellowship provides a platform for participants to network, learn, and engage with the Pittsburgh Jewish community. The fellowship’s workshops, seminars, and learning opportunities encourage and inspire participants to take an active role as future leaders of our Jewish community. Fellows connect with current professionals and volunteer leadership to evolve their own leadership style and strengthen their Jewish identity, learn about the services that the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh supports through its Community Campaign and explore our community, its history, the role different agencies play and how to build a thriving and engaged Jewish population now and into the future.

When can I participate?

Wechsler is a 15-month course with monthly sessions from approximately August 2022 through summer 2023. Highlights from the course have included tours of local agencies, interactive volunteer experiences, a mock budget and allocations process, and networking opportunities. The Wechsler Fellowship is a program of the Young Adult Division of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

The Wechsler Fellowship is fully funded by the Irving J. and Jacquelin G. Wechsler Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s Jewish Community Foundation.

Events of Interest

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Ellen Gettinger
Ellen Gettinger
Director, Buncher Institute for Leadership Development
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