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Economic Development

Economic Empowerment for Women (EEW)

Economic Empowerment for Women

Joint Business and Empowerment Training for Jewish and Arab Women in the Galilee
EEW assists women from the geographic and social periphery of Israel who possess entrepreneurial spirits but lack access to suitable business training and bank credit to develop small businesses of their own, gain self-sufficiency, and alleviate the cycle of poverty they have found themselves in. This program provides continued support for business and empowerment training for Jewish and Arab woman in the Galilee. The program includes one joint Jewish and Arab yearlong business training and personal empowerment course, two financial literacy courses, and a bilingual business marathon conference. Learn More


Vocational Training and Job Placement for Single Mothers – Karmiel Course
itworks strives to narrow employment gaps and promote diversity in Israel’s booming high-tech industry. The program is designed to close income gaps for single mothers in Karmiel by providing training and skills necessary for placement in high-demand professions in the area according to local needs. The program is open to women of all backgrounds who are underemployed or unemployed, with no academic background. Ninety percent of the 120,000 single mother households are headed by women. 80% of single mothers are employed, however, 25% of these working women live in poverty. The program’s goal is to move these women into positions earning at a minimum $1,780/month (6,500 ILS) thus moving them out of poverty and into economic independence. Learn More

Ethiopian Community

Ethiopian National Project

ENP SPACE in Karmiel and Tirat Carmel
ENP SPACE (School Performance and Community Empowerment) provides 7th-12th grade Ethiopian-Israelis and 20% non-Ethiopian-Israelis with a holistic support system that combines scholastic, social, emotional and nutritional interventions. ENP works as Federation’s arm alongside the Ethiopian-Israeli community; it is a grassroots initiative that aims to advance excellence in education, heighten future aspirations, increase self-confidence and provide youth with the tools necessary to succeed in Israel at every stage in life. Learn more

La’Ofek – Hope for the Future לאופק אחותנו

Achotenu – Academic Nurses Training Program for Ethiopian-Israelis
La’Ofek assists those living on the sidelines of society to realize their dreams and break the cycle of poverty. Their program “”Achotenu”” empowers Ethiopian-Israelis to establish stable financial futures by supporting their dreams of becoming nurses. The program assists students in gaining entry to nursing school, providing academic, financial and emotional support to empower them to graduate and assisting in finding employment. Learn more

Shared Society

Akko Center for Arts & Technology

Northern Israel Center for Arts and Technology

Beauty Education in Israel
A-CAT, the first center of its kind in Israel, offers courses and workshops in a range of art and technology subjects, in a unique educational setting. This program offers beauty courses to establish home-based small businesses for Arab and Jewish women including Nail Building and Makeup Courses. Learn More

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

Amplify the Impact of Hand In Hand’s Galilee School in the Misgav Region
Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel is a network of integrated, bilingual schools for Jewish and Arab children in Israel. This program supports the Hand in Hand Galilee School and its community of teachers, staff and parents in their efforts to amplify the vital principles of shared living in the Misgav region to deliver change beyond our schools by partnering with other like-minded educational and community organizations.  Learn More

Moona – A Space for Change


Regional Ecosystem in STEM: Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Program
Moona is a socio-technological initiative that creates an innovative space that brings together different sectors and ages and develops technological change leaders. Moona will plan and host a regional hackathon (R&D event) where industries ‘outsource’ manufacturing challenges for young teams to solve. In this hackathon, the direct interaction between industries and young minds creates new jobs and investments that brand the region as an attractive investment.  Learn More

Jewish Identity/Education

HaShomer HaChadash

HaShomer HaChadash

COVID-19 National Course of Action to Prevent Food Shortage in Israel
HaShomer HaChadash is a Zionist organization focusing on our collective obligation to take responsibility for the land of Israel, and the land in Israel. HaShomer HaChadash educates thousands of people on the spiritual, historical and strategic importance of the physical land of Israel. When the coronavirus erupted in Israel in the month of March, Israel closed its borders which meant that Palestinian day pickers were not allowed into Israel. This resulted in a shortage of 4,000 agricultural workers and posed a significant threat to Israel’s food security and to the ability of the farmers to make it through the crisis. The Ministry of Agriculture tapped HaShomer HaChadash to lead a national course of action whereby they recruited volunteers on a massive scale to help the farmers and to ensure that Israel wouldn’t find itself in a disastrous situation where there wouldn’t be enough fresh produce to feed its own people.  They did this while complying with Ministry of Health guidelines – ensuring social distancing, proper hygiene, etc – all of which entailed additional costs for mobilizing volunteers.  Learn More

Jewish Agency for Israel

Jewish Agency for Israel

From founding and building the State of Israel to planting the seeds of friendship between Jewish communities separated by distance, since 1929, the Jewish Agency has been securing a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come.

FSU Camping in Kishinev and After-school Enrichment in Moldova
The Jewish Agency’s FSU camping program in Kishinev and after-school enrichment programming in Moldova empower Jewish youth to deepen their sense of Jewish identity and commitment to Jewish life, Jewish community, and Israel. These programs strengthen Jewish life in the region, and our programs impact entire families as campers and students share their Jewish knowledge and introduce Jewish traditions into their homes.

Selah – Karmiel Absorption Center
“Selah” (a Hebrew acronym for “students before their parents”) is JAFI’s flagship “home away from home” residential program that facilitates the absorption of young immigrants from the former Soviet Union (FSU) who make Aliyah before their parents. Selah’s unique 10-month academic preparatory course provides olim with intensive Hebrew-language studies (ulpan), mathematics courses, SAT preparatory programs, cultural activities and absorption services, and a special course to prepare participants for university studies and service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The primary objective is to enable participants to achieve the grades and test scores they need to apply to Israel’s leading colleges and universities, and enlist in competitive units within the IDF, which afford unparalleled upward social mobility in Israeli society. Learn More

World ORT

World ORT

Shabbaton at the ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum in Kishinev, Moldova
ORT is a global education network driven by Jewish values. The annual Shabbaton at the ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum in Kishinev, Moldova heightens the sense of Jewish identity among ORT Herzl students and their families and encourages their further participation in Jewish activities and events organized by the school and the community. The Shabbatons serve ORT Herzl’s 6th-7th grade students and their families and, through them, the wider Kishinev Jewish community. Each Shabbaton is attended by approximately 120 participants including 70 students, 30 parents, 12 teachers and madrichim, and 8 external lecturers. Participants bring the knowledge and enthusiasm gained at the Shabbaton home to their families and, through them, to the wider Kishinev Jewish community. Learn More

Special Needs Populations

Beit Issie Shapiro

Beit Issie Shapiro

Smart Snoezelen: Offering Innovative Multi-Sensory Environments to Treat Children with Disabilities
Beit Issie Shapiro is Israel’s leading developer and provider of innovative therapies and state-of-the-art services for children and adults across the entire range of disabilities impacting on over half a million people annually. Beit Issie’s Smart Snoezelen integrates cutting-edge technology to offer new therapeutic possibilities and sensory balance, providing innovative treatment to children with severe, complex, and multiple disabilities. Children who undergo therapies in the Snoezelen environment acquire important skills related to play, communication, motor function, and emotional development that they can transfer into the rest of their lives. Smart Snoezelen provides critically needed therapies for 70 children with severe disabilities at BIS. The knowledge and best practices acquired are documented and disseminated across Israel, including the Karmiel/Misgav region.  Learn more

Israel Venture Network – IVN

Israel Venture Network

IVN – Israel Venture Network – is at the forefront of social impact investing in Israel. Ecommunity, an IVN funded impact business located in Misgav, provides employment opportunities for adults with special needs by recycling raw materials from end-of-life electronics. Ecommunity is also an effective solution to the growing e-waste problem in Israel. One of the company’s main goals is to be the largest special needs employment center in Israel. IVN’s goals within the partnership are to help the venture achieve financial stability, and nurture their growth as Ecommunity continues to scale its operations and staffing. Learn More



COVID-19 Prevention Program
Kishorit is a kibbutz in Misgav Regional Council and a home for life for adults with special needs. It is a supportive community that provides a continuum of residential, social and vocational services. Kishorit members live full, independent lives, and mature and grow old with dignity. In recent years, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh supported an organic fruit orchard, which provided employment for Kishorit’s members, fruit for the Kishorit kibbutz kitchen, and revenue for the kibbutz. In 2017-18, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh supported an equine therapy program for the residents of Kishorit. Learn more

Krembo Wings

Support for Krembo Wings’ Karmiel Branch
Krembo Wings is a youth movement for young people with and without special needs. The Karmiel branch provides weekly activities for over 100 members with and without disabilities from Karmiel and Misgav. Members are paired with able-bodied youth counselors who receive training to provide fun and enriching activities for children with disabilities while acquiring values and practicing tolerance. Learn More

Jordan River Village

Jordan River Village

Fun & Friendship are the Best Medicine at Jordan River Village
The Jordan River Village is a unique overnight camp for children living with chronic, serious or life- threatening illnesses and disorders as well as children with disabilities. The Village hosts three sessions types: independent camp sessions, family weekends, and school sessions. At each session, campers meet other children who face challenges similar to their own, make life-long friends, and create important support networks. This grant supports bringing children from the Karmiel/Misgav region who live with serious illnesses and disabilities and their families to camp. Learn More

Sunrise Israel

Sunrise-Israel Day Camps
Sunrise Israel provides critically needed programming for Israeli children with cancer and their siblings. Sunrise provides two sessions of camp (a Pesach camp in April and a summer camp) in three regions of Israel, including in Ramat Yochanan (Northern Israel). Sunrise also provides in-hospital programming twice per week at Rambam Hospital in Haifa. All of Sunrise’s programs are offered free of charge to children ages 3½ to 16 who are either in active treatment or within 5 years of active treatment or the siblings of such children. These children are deprived of childhood normalcy. Federation funds are being spent to grow Sunrise’s programming in the North of Israel. Learn More

At Risk Youth

Ayalim Association

Ayalim Association

Student Program for Social-Activism in Karmiel
Ayalim promotes social development in Israel’s social and geographical peripheries by building student villages throughout the Negev and Galilee. The Ayalim student village in Karmiel was constructed in 2010 and houses 30 students and 6 volunteers who are part of the village community. The village was established in order to create a strong Zionist and educational infrastructure in the city and encourage young adults to remain in the area. The program offers young adults from different sectors of Israeli society the opportunity to live with peers, have communal living, cultural gatherings, volunteering, and a hands-on contribution in developing Israel’s periphery. Scholarships are provided to Ayalim students in Karmiel who study in the Ort Braude College of Engineering – in exchange for over 250 volunteering hours in social activities with children and at-risk youth, in Karmiel’s schools, after-school youth centres, and in underprivileged neighborhoods. Learn More

The Children’s Village in Karmiel

Carmiel Children’s Village

Special Academic Services for the Children’s Village
The Karmiel Children’s Village is a village for children who have been removed from their homes by court order. At the village, they live in group homes with “parents” who care for them and provide all of their needs. There are about 200 children at the Karmiel Children Village ages 4 to 18. Most of them arrive at the village with great academic gaps. The Village has a Learning Centre which is aimed to support students ages 10 to 18. Currently, 110 of the children at the Village use the center in order to fill in gaps in mathematics, English studies, history and in order to equip them with studying strategies. Private tutors teach either individuals or small groups. The funding will be used to pay for private tutors as well as to buy study materials.  Learn More

Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC)

Israel Trauma Coalition

Support Groups and Healing Retreats for At-Risk Youth
Israel Trauma Coalition offers a holistic, collaborative approach to building a continuum of care for individuals and communities affected by trauma. Trained facilitators provide comfort, coping tools, respite, and help create a sense of community for at-risk youth. The project serves siblings raising their orphaned younger brothers and sisters. In the group meetings, they share their experiences, their pain, and challenges, as well as their aspirations and dreams. To provide further relief and guidance, ITC trauma experts also hold bi-monthly meetings, facilitated by a psychiatrist. Through these support groups and meetings, one sees the therapeutic importance and power of bringing these families together to mitigate their sense of loneliness and isolation. Learn More

Kibbutz Eshbal (via Dror Educational Centers)

Kibbutz Eshbal

Eshbal Boarding School’s Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Kibbutz Eshbal runs a boarding school for at-risk youth. Eshbal’s therapeutic horseback riding stables have eight horses who work every day of the week, all under the responsibility of students from Eshbal’s boarding school for at-risk youth and the Humanity, Society and Nature School in Carmiel. The students take care of all the horses’ needs – cleaning them, feeding them, giving them medication, etc. They also train and ride the horses. The horses assist students in developing their confidence, patience and emotional intelligence. Eshbal has developed a horseback riding teachers’ certificate with the Ministry of Sport and Culture, which the students can obtain after intensive work in 11th and 12th grades, and put to use to gain employment after their army or national service. Learn More



Orr Shalom Educational Intervention Program
Orr Shalom cares for 1,400 children who have been removed from their homes following severe abuse and neglect. Most children living in Orr Shalom’s Therapeutic Family Group Homes (TFGH) suffer from emotional, behavioral, and learning difficulties. This project empowers them by providing critical educational services to close the educational gaps affecting academic achievement and self-esteem that keeps them from maximizing their potential. Funds help provide individualized tutoring, homework, test preparation and organizational skills assistance, and psycho-didactic evaluations when necessary, for 32 children, ages 8-18, in three family group homes.  Learn More

Yemin Orde Youth Village

Yemin Orde

Summer Education Camp 
Yemin Orde is a boarding school for at-risk youth and new immigrant high school students. This project serves at-risk/immigrant first year students, both 9th or 10th graders. It will provide them an educational framework during part of the long summer break, keeping them within the safety net of the Village and less time within their at-risk communities. This project will help first year students work over the summer to overcome academic obstacles and close educational gaps while also learning the significance of investing in yourself and connecting to others.  Learn More

Food & Human Security Needs

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

JDC (the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee or “The Joint”) is the leading Jewish humanitarian organization, working in 70 countries to lift lives and strengthen communities.

Humanitarian Assistance for Needy Jewish Elderly in Moldova
Through its Hesed center in Moldova, the JDC ensures the well being of needy Jewish elderly by providing life-saving care, including home care, food, medicine, winter relief, and emergency assistance; tackling challenges associated with aging, like social isolation and dementia; creating social opportunities at Hesed clubs and day centers to alleviate loneliness; and increasing the Jewish community’s sense of responsibility and capacity to care for its vulnerable elderly. The project meets the basic needs of Jewish elderly in Moldova left with meager pensions, scarce (if any) family support, and no savings or government safety net, who face cruel hunger, debilitating medical issues, and freezing winters alone.

Kishinev Volunteer Center (KVC)
KVC trains community members to enhance Kishinev community life by identifying local needs and creating solutions they can implement on a voluntary basis, development of connections to Jewish life and a more involved community, development of a sense of communal responsibility, increased capacity of the community to respond to local needs, and laying the groundwork for a possible self-sustaining Kishinev community in the long-term. Launched in 2015, and now a flagship program of JDC’s Volunteer Initiative, KVC has been developing expertise in building the skills and connections necessary for a sustainable Jewish community. Learn More

ERAN – Emotional First Aid by Telephone & Internet


Training 15 New Volunteers to Operate an Emotional First- Aid Hotline in Carmiel and the Northern Periphery
ERAN, Israel’s Emotional first aid service, provides a confidential 24-hour hotline, seven days a week, 365 days a year. ERAN will train and develop valuable professional and personal skills of 15 new volunteers from Carmiel and its surroundings. These volunteers will provide accessible emotional crisis and suicide prevention services online by phone in Hebrew, Russian, English or Arabic each year free of charge to approximately 7,000 people at immediate risk. This is especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath. ERAN is the only organization providing First Aid emotional support through the telephone and Internet in Israel. Learn More

Leket Israel

Leket Israel

Project Leket
Leket is the leading food rescue organization in Israel, serving 175,000+ needy people weekly. In 2020, Project Leket aims to rescue from fields and packing houses a total of 35,715,000 lbs. (16,200 metric tons) of a wide range of produce (equivalent to 1 lb. of fresh produce for 97,849 people on a daily basis and a projected 8% increase over 2019 output). The project’s primary recipient populations include children, youth at-risk, the invalid and elderly, single parent families, immigrants, and growing numbers of working poor from all segments of society. The project provides a consistent source and broad range of quality produce to partner non-profit organizations for use in food parcels, baskets, and meals and offers a crucial source of nutrition to food insecure Israelis they may not otherwise purchase or consume. Learn More

United Hatzalah of Israel

COVID-19 Readiness
United Hatzalah is a free, volunteer-based emergency medical services organization. Its mission is to provide immediate medical intervention during the critical window between the onset of an emergency and the arrival of traditional ambulance assistance. United Hatzalah has 107 volunteer medics serving the Karmiel/Misgav area. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the grant will be used to purchase 25 oxygen kit refills/replacements, including adult/child masks, and 300 sets of personal protective gear. This grant will provide approximately three disposable kits per medic to treat those with COVID-like symptoms. Learn More

Yad Sarah

Yad Sarah

Yad Sarah in Karmiel: Helping Where Needed, When Needed
Yad Sarah is the largest national volunteer organization in Israel which loans medical and rehabilitative equipment and other services for the home-bound and elderly. More then 5,000 residents of Karmiel each year depend on Yad Sarah for the loan of medical and rehabilitative equipment that makes their daily lives livable in times of difficulty. The branch volunteers work morning and evening shifts to provide what the people need. The program assists any individual in the Karmiel region seeking help regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or other affiliation. Populations served include the elderly, sick, disabled and injured of all ages. Learn More

ZAKA – Search and Rescue

ZAKA Search and Rescue

COVID-19 Readiness
ZAKA is Israel’s primary rescue and recovery volunteer organization, with thousands of volunteers on call 24/7 to respond to any terror attack, accident or disaster. Emergency preparedness is the key to a quick response when disaster strikes. To this end, ZAKA is investing significant resources in Karmiel to equip and train its 43 rescue volunteers, who are on call 24/7. Among other things, ZAKA will use this grant to purchase personal protective equipment for its volunteers in Karmiel and Misgav. Learn More

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