Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Statement on the Five-Year Commemoration of the Oct. 27, 2018 Antisemitic Attack

On Oct. 27, 2023, we join people across Pittsburgh to remember the eleven people killed in the antisemitic attack on Congregation Dor Hadash, New Light Congregation and Tree of Life Congregation five years ago. We show our support for those who suffered the most immediate loss, and we re-commit to helping the countless people in the healing process as we have done since day one. We pledge to collaborate across the community to fight antisemitism and all forms of hate.

This year, we recognize the likelihood that many people in Jewish communities across the U.S. and around the world face mental health difficulties because the terrorist attack in Israel has the potential to re-traumatize people already suffering from the attack five years ago and from the dramatic rise in antisemitism. Healing is not linear, and we know from other attacks in the past that post-traumatic stress can occur five years or more after an event. Seeing violent images of attacks on Jews as well as witnessing the rise in antisemitism in our own country can trigger post-traumatic stress, even among people with no apparent or direct connection to the attack in Pittsburgh. We urge everyone to seek help with mental health, and we continue to support mental health resources through our Jewish agencies, our local synagogues and our resiliency center, the 10.27 Healing Partnership.

During this commemoration we focus on the lives that were taken as well as the needs of the victims and their families. At the same time, we gratefully recall the compassion our Jewish community received from around the world. We will work to ensure that this strong support is available to all those who suffer acts of hate or systemic discrimination because of who they are.

We are more resilient when we are together as a community, whether in person or from a distance. We look forward to opportunities around the commemoration to honor those murdered, learn Torah and come together in community service as way to leave people feeling inspired, hopeful and together.


Please joins us this Friday at 3 PM for the 2023 Commemoration Ceremony.

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