Looking for the Values We Have in Common to Build a Better Tomorrow

“No one in Reggio wants to teach others how to “do school.” What we seek to do rather is to try and deepen our understanding, together with others, of why it was possible in Reggio Emilia for an (educational) experience founded after the war, to grow and consolidate with time… What we want to do is look together for the values we might have in common, in order to build a better tomorrow.”

~Amelia Gambetti

While the Pittsburgh Reggio Cohort has safely returned home, our minds keep traveling. It will take time to reflect and to process but, these reflections will continue to lead us on our journey. The Seminar was powerful, thought-provoking, intense and filled with many moments of joy and wonder. Our luggage may be unpacked but, it will take some time to unpack our thoughts, questions and images.

Stay Informed


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