My week – Sivan

Hello everyone!

Every week I’m teaching my students about a different part of the Israel Trail.

This week we were talking about Ramon’s crater, and one of the most touristy places there, the colored sand. Where basically colored layers of rocks were created when the mountain was broken down. Therefore, we were making colored sand layers in bottles, imitating the colors of the rocks in the crater

Every Tuesday morning I run an activity about Hebrew and this week I was talking about the fear of trying and the fact that sometimes we are being intimidated by something, so we are not even trying to do it. We were reading the lyrics of Hebrew Man by Ehud Banai, which has English lyrics but in written Hebrew. So at the moment, the kids were trying to read it, even though they didn’t know Hebrew.


On Friday, all four of us Shinshinim, went to a BBYO convention. We were engaging with teens, Harry potter themed sports competitions, and we talked about hate and what we need as a society to solve it. We are grateful to be a part of these conventions and it changed our perspective by hearing teen opinions.

By Tamar Nawy

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