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Hillel International and the Secure Community Network (SCN) announced the release of best practice guidance, offering ten recommended steps for safety and security specifically for college and university administrators to protect Jewish students, and members of all faith-based communities, against threat incidents and suspicious activity. Read the full bulletin on SCN Partners With Hillel to Share Best Practice Safety & Security Campus Protocols for Protecting Jewish Students Amidst Surge in Incidents (

During a February 5th protest at the Pennsylvania State Capitol regarding the state government’s investments in Israel, 126 people were taken into custody for the “unpermitted and unauthorized demonstration.” Before being arrested, protestors had the opportunity to leave as they were ordered to disperse. They were released after being issued trespassing citations.

On February 26th from 7:00-8:00 PM, Kelly Fishman, Regional Director of the ADL, will discuss the “generational divide” among Jews in this country, our communities, and families regarding Israel and Gaza. She will discuss these differences in terms of their impact on our society, the rise in antisemitism, and actions we can take, especially when those near and dear to us have completely different perspectives. For more information and to register, visit THE GENERATIONAL DIVIDE: NAVIGATING DIFFERING OPINIONS ABOUT THE ISRAELI-HAMAS WAR (

FBI Boston and Massachusetts State Police are hosting a one-hour training that will provide attendees with an overview of the realities of bomb threats and swatting hoaxes. This training will include a detailed review of statistics and current trends seen across the country. The training will also cover the characteristics of hoax calls, law enforcement best practices for assessment and response and the decision-making process for evacuation or sheltering in place. You can register online.

So far in 2024, the Jewish Federation has logged 26 incidents in our Virtual Command Center. We remain in a heightened threat environment and are working closely with law enforcement to monitor potential threat activity.

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BluePoint Status

Please review your current contact lists in BluePoint. If changes are needed, please contact Erin Fagan at

Our BluePoint training video and refresher video are available on YouTube. These are useful for new staff or as a reminder for existing staff.

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Guardian Training

Please contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252 to schedule this training.

Situational Awareness, Active Threat, and De-Escalation Training

If you or your organization have not yet had these training modules, please contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252. All can be made available in person or via Zoom.

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If you need more Emergency Safety Procedures Flip Charts contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252.

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