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Please Be Aware

The federal hate crime trial is scheduled to begin on May 30th. A pool of nearly 70 jurors has been selected, and from there the government and defense will make final selections for the 12 jurors and six alternates. The final selection process will start in a few days, after the psychological evaluation of the defendant has been conducted by the government.

We are working in partnership with law enforcement and Secure Community Network (SCN) to proactively monitor any threat-related activity surrounding the trial and have a communication plan in place in the event threats are detected. We continue to see on-line chatter in support of the defendant. Remain vigilant and report any suspicious or concerning items to 911, then the Jewish Federation using our online contact form. Submit an Incident Report online →

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BluePoint Status

We are auditing our contact lists in BluePoint. If you received an email to audit your BluePoint list, please respond as soon as possible.

Our BluePoint training video and refresher video are available on YouTube. These are useful for new staff or as a reminder for existing staff.

Security Resources and/or Training

Please schedule your training needs for the year as soon as possible. With the on-going trial, our schedule is filling up quickly.

There are no upcoming events.

NEW De-Escalation Training

Please contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252 to schedule this training.

Situational Awareness, Active Threat, and Usher/Greeter Training

If you or your organization have not yet had these training modules, please contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252. All can be made available in person or via Zoom.

If you need more Emergency Safety Procedures Flip Charts contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252.

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