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The federal hate crime trial is ongoing, with government testimony expected to continue next week. The defense will then present its case. After the defense concludes its case, there will be closing arguments followed by jury deliberation on the 63-count indictment.

There is a national effort planned as part of a “white unity project” that is asking for white supremacy groups to actively flyer between June 17-19th, strategically timed with Juneteenth. So far, Pittsburgh has not been mentioned in these efforts but please be aware. Please continue to report white supremacy stickers or flyers observed to us via the Incident Report link and include a photo of the flyer or sticker.

The Allegheny County Emergency Services, Division of Emergency Management provides a wide variety of training options dedicated to emergency planning, response, management, and recovery.  Please see full training schedule online if you are interested in participating in any classes.

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BluePoint Status

We are auditing our contact lists in BluePoint. If you received an email to audit your BluePoint list, please respond as soon as possible.

Our BluePoint training video and refresher video are available on YouTube. These are useful for new staff or as a reminder for existing staff.

Security Resources and/or Training

Please schedule your training needs for the year as soon as possible. With the on-going trial, our schedule is filling up quickly.

NEW De-Escalation Training

Please contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252 to schedule this training.

Situational Awareness, Active Threat, and Usher/Greeter Training

If you or your organization have not yet had these training modules, please contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252. All can be made available in person or via Zoom.

If you need more Emergency Safety Procedures Flip Charts contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252.

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