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On March 29th, Central Catholic was the first of many schools across the state and country to encounter a hoax active shooter call. We learned of this threat immediately from our BluePoint Emergency Alert System, and through Rodef Shalom’s close collaboration with Central Catholic. Similar hoax calls were placed to schools in DE, NJ, MA, VA, UT, and CO. The calls were computer-generated, and all had similar content. Law enforcement is actively investigating. There are no known connections to the Jewish community at this time.

Law enforcement released information that the assailant in the Nashville school shooting on March 28th had done significant reconnaissance of the school prior to the shooting and had also targeted a second location. The assailant did not pursue the second location due to the perceived security presence there. This is a reminder to all of us to be situationally aware of people and/or vehicles in and round our organizations that appear suspicious, and the importance of a robust security posture as an effective deterrent.

SCN Partners with FCAS to Launch the “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” Campaign. FCAS is a national organization launching the campaign that is designed to raise awareness about antisemitism and hatred against Jews and to encourage all people to post and share the Blue Square to stand up against intolerance. To read more, go to their →.

PCCD Security Grant awards should be announced mid-April.

On April 4th, DHS CISA is hosting a Bomb Threat Response Webinar, it is tailored for schools but applicable to most organizations. Register online → 

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BluePoint Status

Our BluePoint training video and refresher video are available on YouTube. These are useful for new staff or as a reminder for existing staff.

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NEW: De-Escalation Training

Please contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252 to schedule this training.

Situational Awareness, Active Threat, and Usher/Greeter Training

If you or your organization have not yet had these training modules, please contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252. All can be made available in person or via Zoom.

If you need more Emergency Safety Procedures Flip Charts contact Erin Fagan at or 412-992-5252.

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