Who are Pittsburgh's

Shinshinim שינשינים

Learn More About Hosting a Shinshinim at the Open House: March 25 at the Bail's home. 
Contact Shinshinim Coordinator Shani Turel at or 412-320-1935 to RSVP. Address given upon RSVP.

Meet the 18-year-old emissaries in your neighborhood, connecting people of all ages to Israel and Israeli culture.

What They Do

As Shinshinim

Israeli high school graduates defer their army service for one year in order to volunteer in English speaking communities.

How They Serve

For a Year in Pittsburgh

Strengthening the local Jewish community's connections with modern Israel and the concept of shared peoplehood.

Where to Find Them

In the Community

Frequently at the Jewish Community Center, Community Day School and Joint Jewish Education Program.

Meet Hadar Maravent

She grew up in Karmiel, part of Pittsburgh's Partnership2Gether region.

In high school, she majored in social science to learn about the human behavior, and about different cultures and societies.

She has participated and volunteered in the Diller Teen Fellows program.

For the past four years, she has been a junior counselor in a youth movement.

She loves taking trips to various different cities in Israel.

Meet Raz Levin

He grew up in Rosh Ha'ayin, which is a small city near Tel Aviv.

He attended Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade (JLGB) summer camp in London and traveled to Lithuania as a young ambassador for the State of Israel.

One of his favorite sports is tricking, which is a dynamic sport that combines kicks and gymnastics.

He recently competed in "Israel's Got Talent" on Israeli national television.

He loves that Israel includes many cultures.

Shinshinim מה חדש (What’s New?)

The Shinshinim Celebrate Purim!

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | March 22, 2019

Purim in Pittsburgh! We had the best time dressing up with Pittsburgh community that definitely knows how to celebrate Purim! We took part with Community Day School’s and Beth Shalom Carnival. We played games, we did some art and craft and had a really good time. As always, it was fun to see you all!!…

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Jewish Federation’s Shinshinim Program to Double in Size

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | February 27, 2019

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh will double the size of its “Shinshinim” program, bringing four 18-year-old Israelis to Pittsburgh for a year of service beginning August 2019.

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Tu B’Shvat and Exploring the Connection Between Hebrew, Judaism, and Israel with the Shinshinim

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | February 15, 2019

Wow, what a month! First of all, we celebrated Tu B׳shvat, the birthday of the trees. We did activities about the importance of trees in our lives, what can we learn from the tree and why do we need them so much. Moreover, we talked about “kakal” and JNF that have planted and still are…

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Hanukkah Light & Kaffe Shachor

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | January 17, 2019

Hi everyone! we wanted to share with you what we did this past month! First of all, we celebrated Hanukkah, we saw how is it like to celebrate this holiday in Pittsburgh’s Jewish community: the cars with the Menorah on top of them, the different but beautiful melodies for Hanukkah prayers and the fun fact…

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The Shinshinim Host a Trivia Game at J-Fest

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | October 22, 2018

Raz and Levin joined the community at J-Fest, where they hosted an Israel trivia game on Darlington Ave. alongside the Squirrel Hill JCC. J-Fest is a for teens, by teens program. This is the second year of this free street festival. The teens participated in these activities: – Steelers on the BIG SCREEN watch party…

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Israel Lesson at Adat Shalom

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | October 22, 2018

  The Shinshinim visited Adat Shalom to educate 17 teacher assistants direct methods on how to educate the younger students about Israel.    

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Say Hello to Our Shinshinim at Apples & Honey!

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | August 19, 2018
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We have arrived! One of the first stops – PNC Park for Jewish Heritage Night!

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | August 17, 2018

WE ARE HERE and what a journey it has been! We packed our bags, said our goodbyes and started our 12-hour journey. Little did we know that it will take us a little longer to get to our new homes in Pittsburgh! As we got into Newark we found out our flight was canceled and…

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Shinshinim Land in Pittsburgh!

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | August 14, 2018

Our Pittsburgh Shinshinim, Raz and Hadar have arrived! Let’s give them a warm welcome to Pittsburgh!

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Hadar Fact 4

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | July 18, 2018
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Do you have what it takes?

Host a Shinshin in Your Home for 5 Months

  • August 2018 – February 2019
  • Late February 2019 – August 2019

Provide a private bedroom for the Shinshin

Provide meals

Host them as part of the family

Families are preferred to also have children at home

Live in Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Point Breeze or Regent Square

Get ready to have a great time!

I think we have what it takes!

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Shani Turel

Shinshinim Coordinator

(412) 320-1935