Tree of Life, by Gal Weisberg, Misgav

Tree of Life

To the dear people of Squirrel Hill, our friends from the city of steel

A tree stands tall, will never fall, it stands on roots of steel.
It’s top up, far, shines like a star – the star kings use as seal.
And on it’s bough, look! come and go, the peaceful squirrels of life.
Their families thrive on the tree of life; they never fight nor strife.

But fall comes near,
And you can hear
Bad winds that come along;
Bad, flaming gusts
Of hate, disgust,
That make men’s minds go wrong.

The tree of life now crouches pale,
Once thought could never fail.
The squirrels mourn –
Their hearts were torn,
By lead and fire and steel.
Oh, what could make
Such force to wake
ignite with flames that kill?

What may seem lost, though, as we know, will grow new sprouts upright.
For roots of steel and faith will, as long as we unite.

Gal Weisberg, Misgav
Karmisgav-Pittsburgh Partnership
October 28th 2018

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