Update on the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) Response to the Crisis in Israel

Your support for the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s Community Campaign flows through our international partners, including JAFI, to help people responding to the crisis in Israel. JAFI reports that they are concentrating crisis response in three sectors (quoting from their update):

Jewish Agency beneficiaries who depend on us 24/7 for their protection, safety, and security.

This includes the 7,800 olim (immigrants) in our Absorption Centers, about 3,900 of whom are in southern Israel; about 7,000 elderly people in our Amigour subsidized housing facilities; thousands of at-risk youth and their families in our Youth Futures program; additional hundreds of youth at risk who live in our youth villages around the country; and hundreds of our employees and their families. All of this is in addition to thousands of participants in our educational initiatives, including our mechinot and Israel experience programs (mainly Masa).

Assistance to the broader Israeli society—to those in special need during the crisis.

This includes families who receive aid through the Fund for Victims of Terror, which provides immediate financial assistance to Israelis who have been impacted by violence; initiatives promoted by the National Emergency Authority and inter-ministerial bodies, such as days of respite and recreation for residents (especially children) from affected areas; motivated volunteers all over the country; small businesses in affected areas; and more.

Mobilizing Global solidarity movements with communities and partners from the Jewish world.

Through our global network of about 300 shlichim (Israel emissaries) around the world (with another 1,250 leaving to work in global summer camps despite the current situation) and our network of partnerships with communities and organizations (P2G), we work to prepare briefings and organize solidarity events.

Of course, we are also constantly on the lookout for anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activities, including hate speech, demonstrations, and other activities that place our shlichim and our program participants in danger, so that we can take necessary action. We hold meetings of our ’Emergency organizational table’ at least once a day (sometimes more) to assess the impact of the crisis on each of the sectors above, identify needs, and provide solutions. By virtue of its special status in Israel, The Jewish Agency is a partner in all the major national forums that monitor crisis situations, including the National Emergency Authority, the Home Front Command, and Melach (an inter-ministerial emergency response body). We work in close cooperation with these organizations and receive hourly updates

Please see the full update on JAFI’s response to the crisis on jewishagency.org »

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