Chag Sameach

We are still in the midst of the holiday of Passover, celebrating the freedom of the Jewish people.  I write to you today about a program taking place next Thursday that commemorates one of the most tragic chapters in Jewish history – the Shoah (the Holocaust).

Yom HaShoah will be commemorated on Thursday, May 5th at 7 pm at the JCC in Squirrel Hill.  This powerful evening provides us with the opportunity to remember those who were brutally murdered and appreciate those who tried to save them.  It is a time when our entire community can come together as one.  I encourage you to make time to participate in this annual program that the Holocaust Center has been coordinating since 1981.  This year’s will feature presentations by six teens who participated in a Classrooms without Borders program in which the teens interviewed survivors about the personal experiences.  Both the Holocaust Center and Classrooms without Borders are programs affiliated with the Federation.  For more information, please click here.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach and an early Shabbat Shalom.

Jeff Finkelstein

President & CEO

Stay Informed


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