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Happy Campers Make Happy Memories

One Happy Camper

As I watched this Friday night magic and even more magic on Saturday, I couldn’t help but think about the One Happy Camper program funded locally by the Papernick Family with additional support from the Jewish Federation’s Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future.

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An Extraordinarily “Normal” Year


This is an incredibly resilient community that is working on our healing while keeping up with our normal “stuff”. That normal “stuff” is made possible, in large part, by your support of our Community Campaign. Thank you!

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Unity, Not Uniformity

2019 Yom Haatzmaut Celebration with David Broza on Lag BaOmer

We strive for a diverse community that can come together to work on the big issues facing our people and be supportive and understanding of one another, even with those with whom we differ.

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Being Present in a Moment of History

Stronger Than Hate Day Declared April 10 2019

The Jewish Federation’s Community Relations Council (CRC) invited all the family members of those who were killed and those who were injured along with the leadership of the three congregations to join us on a Federation arranged bus to and from Harrisburg to participate in an historic joint session of the House and Senate.

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May War and Bloodshed Cease

Al Noor Mosque, New Zealand

Last night I drafted my Shabbat message and this morning I decided I couldn’t send it.  When I woke up this morning to the horrible news from New Zealand with 49 people slaughtered for just practicing their religion, I knew it couldn’t be business as usual. Federation is opening a mailbox to collect donations to…

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Thank You, First Responders

First Responders Thank You. Concert by Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers and Scott Blasey of The Clarks. Photo by David Bachman.

Jewish Federation put on a program to honor and thank all the first responders, including health care, Fire, EMS and others who did all they could on October 27th to protect and care for the worshipers in and around the Tree of Life Building.

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Finding the Right Question

Wherever I go, people keep asking me, “how are you”? I know they are inquiring because of the intensity of the Federation’s work post October 27th and they are deeply sincere and caring by asking about my personal state. I appreciate the thoughts, yet I am completely uncomfortable with the question. Yes, all of us…

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This Is Really Us

This Is Us | Dec 18, 2018 | 6:30 - 8:30 PM | August Wilson Center

Just last night, another person from outside of Pittsburgh, this one on my Facebook page, commented on how amazing our Pittsburgh Jewish community has been in our response to the murderous attack of October 27th. He actually wrote, “your community inspires us”. People around the world have learned how special this Pittsburgh Jewish community really…

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The Power of the Collective Federation Approach

This Is Us | Dec 18, 2018 | 6:30 - 8:30 PM | August Wilson Center

Right now, throughout Ukraine, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee are monitoring the political situation with heightened tensions between that country and Russia. There is a sizable Jewish community in Ukraine and our financial support of these two organizations provides food and medicine for Jewish seniors, security for communal…

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The New Normal: Acts of Beauty and Unity

Tree Of Life Vigil

On Friday night, after dinner, I did the dishes. Every Friday, my job is to wash the dishes after our family Shabbat dinner. I enjoy doing it because my wife does the bulk of the work in our home. This one is my responsibility. After dinner this past Friday, my wife offered to do the…

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