Thank You for Helping the Jews of Kherson, Ukraine

Federation partners provide food, water and medications for immediate aid.

When we all awoke on Tuesday morning, news stories filled the internet about the destruction of a major dam in Ukraine that had begun to flood a vast geographic area in eastern Ukraine. This morning, as I was watching the news, I could vividly see the devastation of what is being called one of the worst “man-made” disasters in Europe.

My Tuesday morning began in New York City to participate in the Board meetings of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. (The JDC is one of our main and historic overseas partners. The JDC does incredible work on our behalf in strengthening Jewish life and taking care of human service needs for Jews in over 60 countries around the world). When we arrived at the meeting location at 8:30 am, we learned that the Jewish community of Kherson with about 400 Jewish residents had been deeply impacted. The JDC shared photos taken just that morning of the Chesed (Welfare Center) in Kherson with water surrounding the building and volunteers and staff removing food and medications needing to be transported to a dry location. And we learned that the JDC was working to ensure that each and every Jew, some of whom are undoubtedly Holocaust survivors, was moved to safety.

None of us can physically be everywhere to help others in need. But because of our support of our Federation, we enable incredible stories like the one I shared above.

The Jews of Kherson’s lives will be changed forever. Likely, they will never get to thank you personally, but I thank you for helping them in their time of need.

Shabbat Shalom.

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