Challenging the Status Quo

I thought that I would let some press about the Federation speak for this week’s email.

First, our Super Sunday had great successes in raising important dollars for the campaign, involving members of our community and by engaging donors in our powerful work.  Click here for the story.

Second, my colleague Rabbi Aaron Bisno and I wrote a thought piece around the news last week of five different Jewish Day School organizations coming together as one.  Perhaps, there are local implications from this major national change?  Click here for the story.

Finally, our Foundation Scholar of the Jewish Community Foundation, Rabbi Danny Schiff, writes about the current wave of terrorism striking Israel, but through a different prism, that of Israeli restaurants.  Click here for the story.

Rabbi Schiff will be the featured speaker at events in Sarasota, Naples and Boca Raton next week and I am sure he will continue to push and challenge our thinking around what is happening in the Jewish world.  By the way, we have well over 200 Pittsburghers registered for our Snowbird Events!

The theme through all three of these published pieces is challenging the status quo.  Our Super Sunday was a new model we employed in place of Fundfest.  The piece I co-authored is all about rethinking how we can best serve our Jewish community’s interests.  Danny Schiff makes us look at an issue through an atypical lens.

Let’s keep pushing change, not for change’s sake, but for the sake of creating the best Jewish community possible.

Shabbat Shalom.

Stay Informed


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