Community Study Kickoff

This was an exciting week as we kicked off the process to conduct our Jewish community’s first community study since 2002. Yes, it will give us demographics, but more importantly, it will tell us trends and help us—and by us I mean every Jewish institution and synagogue—to plan accordingly. This project is being fully funded by the Jewish Community Foundation of the Federation as a service to the entire region.

I recall in 2002 that one of the  major findings was that we, in fact, had a ton more young adults than anyone knew. The Federation used that data point to completely refocus our Shalom Pittsburgh program on outreach to young adults already living here. Other organizations used other learnings to shift their own priorities and programming in the same way. We absolutely know one thing going into the study – things have changed since 2002.

Vodka LatkeThat same Shalom Pittsburgh program is hosting its 11th Annual Vodka Latke – a “Party with a Purpose”. This incredibly fun and social program is open to all young adults and is taking place Saturday night from 8 pm–midnight at the Waterfront in Homestead. Hundreds typically turn up. This year’s theme is “I Love the 90’s”. If you know someone that might be interested, please share this link with

Looking forward to seeing lots of young people on Saturday night!

Shabbat Shalom.

P.S.  I want to remind everyone that you have an opportunity to help Israel recover from the devastating fires of last week. While flames have subsided, the fire’s impact will be felt for a long time. Federations have opened a dedicated fundraising effort.To join with us,donate here.

Stay Informed


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