Do You Qualify for EITC ?

I warn you right at the outset of this week’s post – THIS IS A SOLICITATION.

Do you own a business that pays income tax to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? Do you know someone who owns such a business (they don’t even have to live in Pennsylvania – the company just has to be here)? If so, such companies can quality for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program.

Our community has been able to secure over $36 Million since the inception of this program to support families in financial need to access our Jewish preschools and Day Schools through the EITC programs.

July 1 is the next time for companies to apply so our job as a Federation is to get the word out. The companies that qualify and make a two year commitment receive a 90% tax credit towards their state taxes and also qualify for a federal charitable deduction.

Click here for an outline of the program. Please read, please share, and be in touch with us with any questions. We can help you through the entire application process.

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom.

Jeff Finkelstein

President & CEO

Stay Informed


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