Federation Keeps the Lights On No Matter What!

I received a few emails this week from individuals concerned about the fact that Pittsburgh Public Schools had rescheduled their start date to the second day of Rosh Hashana. They asked if the Federation could reach out to try to have the date changed. For a number of reasons, including our outreach, the start date was luckily adjusted.

What always strikes me when I receive requests is that some of them come from non-donors to the Federation. Believe me, we will do what is right whether the request comes from a donor or not. That’s our job. I just wonder what goes on in the minds of such individuals. Do they connect the fact that our community relations work is powered financially by the Community Campaign? Do families receiving Israel scholarships or with children on Birthright Israel or Onward Israel realize that the reason their trips are reasonably priced (or free in the case of Birthright) is in part due to the support of the Federation? Do synagogue members know that their congregations received extra support last year from our COVID relief funds? Do the parents of day school children understand the amount of financial support that comes through the Federation so they can have a more reasonably priced education for their children? Does everyone realize the incredible apparatus in place at the Federation to train, advise and secure funding for security?

No one thinks about the electricity coming into our houses until there is a blackout. I think it is the same with the Community Campaign. Too many don’t think about how critical our financial support is to their lives.

For us to be a truly successful community and to achieve our newly minted vision statement, “A flourishing community where everyone feels included, supported and inspired” it takes every one of us, together, to support the work of Federation. I realize that those of you reading this are already our supporters and I thank you deeply for your generosity. Please help us reach out to those who haven’t yet realized how critical a role the Federation plays in Jewish Pittsburgh and in the lives of everyone connected to our community.

Shabbat Shalom. Stay safe.

Stay Informed


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