Financial Markets Update

After achieving record highs, the financial markets have been roiled by significant concerns over the coronavirus. Uncertainty about the ability to contain the coronavirus has shaken the markets significantly. Given this volatility in the marketplace, we felt it was important for us to review our investment management structure as well as our current investment policy with you as a fundholder in our community foundation.

The Foundation’s Investment Committee is a volunteer group comprised of investment and business professionals. The Committee engages a consulting firm (currently Bilkey Katz) that provides guidance to the Committee regarding asset allocation and day to day oversight of the investments. Working with our consultant, the Investment Committee has constructed a broadly diversified investment portfolio which is divided into an Equity Pool and a Fixed Income Pool. Our recommended allocation between the two is 70% Equity and 30% Fixed Income. The reason for this allocation is the Investment Committee’s desire to participate in market growth while preserving principal and reducing volatility.

Our portfolio is structured to be held for the long-term. However, we do rebalance our portfolio when market changes cause our allocations to fall outside of our investment policy tolerances. Our Investment Committee and our consultant continue to monitor our portfolio during this volatile time to ensure that we are properly invested to achieve the goals of our investment policy.

The Foundation is mindful of the important role we play in the management and investment of the over 1,200 funds that serve to strengthen our community. We will continue to be vigilant to ensure that our investments are positioned for the future.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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